Hello all! I’ve missed blogging so much and I’m so excited to start up again. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been…it’s time to make the big announcement that we’re expecting our second child.  So, we’ve been busy!  No really, I wound up being blessed with morning, afternoon, evening and middle of the night sickness.  But the good news is we’re now about 20 weeks and feeling well…pregnant with a toddler running around our home but well…and excited to welcome our next munchkin into the family come October.  Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with me and I look forward to connecting with you all again.

Wortendyke Toddler Park (Streelman Way, Midland Park): This is a small park, great for toddlers to spend an hour getting their energy out.  It was built specifically for toddler so parents can stand back as their little ones roam. However, it’s not gated so if you have a “runner” (as I did for a while) you might need to keep an eye on them.  There is a picnic table (although in the sun) and small stream/bridge to explore.  My son had a blast throwing rocks into the water.

Turn left here into this parking lot (Streelman way).

It's behind this restaurant.

Created just for toddlers.

Glen Rock’s park on Doremus Ave. has the same “toddler section”. Check out the 2nd picture down on our post on Doremus Ave. Park in Glen Rock.

Cute shaded table.

See this train in the post on the Church of the Presentation Park in Upper Saddle River.

There is a bench, picnic table and small bridge. Picnic tables were not in the shade but there is a small, shaded table in the play-area that kids could sit at and have a snack.

We walked over the bridge and threw rocks into the stream.

There is a pavilion behind the stream. See it?

Within walking distance is the Hot Dog Caboose (off Central Ave. at the Wortendyke Station).  It’s right on the train tracks and is a great lunch stop for kids.  We ordered at the window, sat outside and ate on the picnic tables by the tracks.  The woman working was so nice to my son and even gave him a free ice pop.