Disclosure: We are not being compensated by Organic Milk Corporation at this time for this article. We strongly believe in great products and businesses for you and your family and therefore worked with them for this article and special offer. 

I had heard about this great local company, Organic Milk Corporation, from some moms for years–but I hesitated in the past because I thought it would be too pricey for our family. With three kids, we go through at least 2 half gallon cartons a week and I simply pick it up from my weekly shopping trips to the warehouse store.

However, after talking to the owner, Rosemarie Romano, today I’m ready to put in my first order. 

Organic Milk Corp, also known as Farm Fresh Dairy, is an exclusive distributor of Byrne Dairy, Ronnybrook Farms products, and numerous other brand name products, to the Northern New Jersey Metro area. They don’t even have a warehouse–as soon as the milk comes in it goes out on the trucks to your house. 

For over 20 years, they have serviced the Northern New Jersey area.

In addition to milk they offer many other fine products, including eggs – both brown and white, butter, cream, juices, bread, etc. They also handle a wide variety of “Organic” products, including chicken, beef and more.

They currently have about 2,000 customers in the North Jersey region. Romano claims, “When you taste fresh milk, you will never go back to supermarket milk.” For one thing, their popular brand, Battenkill is only $3.99 per half gallon–about the same as what you pay for at the supermarket for organic milk.

I know you are wondering…

Why should moms buy this milk as opposed to purchasing it at the store?

1. Battenkill milk (one of the lines they deliver) is hormone free and antibiotic free and their cows are fed a diet of grains, grass, and vegetables (all non-GMO). So, while they are not labeled “organic” you know that the cows were fed a locally produced diet.

2. Supermarket milk is ultra pasteurized (heated to 165 degrees for 20 minutes) so that it can last for a long time in your refrigerator–but it also kills all the enzymes in the milk. You may notice the expiration dates are months ahead of the current date. He said that milk can sometimes sit in the store in the back for 6 months before they put it out! Crazy, huh?

Meanwhile, the glues or plastic from the container can seep into the milk. She recommends the milk that comes in glass bottles, which is non-porous and that you return to them, so it’s better for the environment. “It’s the purest way to drink anything,” says Romano.  Plus, their milk is milked the night before it’s delivered to you! So, it will expire in 10 days–not 2 months! (They do offer milk in plastic and cartons, which is also milked the day before delivery)


All you have to do to start is call Frank at 201-224-8489 and go through a 3-4 minute call where Romano or Frank recommends products for your first order. The only requirement is that you order at least 4 items. It could be 2 half gallons of milk and two dozen eggs. It doesn’t matter what you order as long as it’s 4 separate things. That can usually come to $18-$20.

However, to start you do have to pay a start up, non-refundable fee of $40, which allows you usage of their metal box which will keep your products cool for 8 hours. You can also cancel without fees at any time. If you do end your service, you just return the box to them. I think that’s a pretty  low investment for what you are getting–a weekly supply of fresh, high quality milk that’s delicious and healthy! 

To take advantage of the PlaygroundTalk Coupon, you have to put in an initial order of $40 to get $10 off. After that order, you can edit it down to just the 4 items per week (or more!) that you want to order. You can also just start with a 4 item order, just let Frank know you heard about them from PlaygroundTalk–we’d really appreciate it! 🙂

They do not accept credit cards at this time–you get an invoice and you can leave a check for them in the box. In the next month or two they are working on getting ACH direct deposit available on their website so you can have it debited monthly from your checking account.

OMC coupon long 2


If you are having trouble coming up with what to order, may I suggest these items, which will help you reach the $40 so you can try out different products AND take advantage of the deal? Remember, this does not have to be your standing order & you can adapt it to fit your family!

What is OMC’s delivery area?

They currently deliver to all of Bergen, Essex and Passaic Counties in New Jersey.

I can’t wait to try their milk! I’ll share my experience after I try out my order. If you use them, please share your experiences below!