Hi all! I wanted to post a big…SORRY I’ve been MIA.  As some of you know I had a rough pregnancy with my 2nd child and really struggled to keep blogging.  But, on November 1st we had the most amazing addition to our family; our 2nd son was born. Yes, it was right in the midst of the craziness that was Hurricane Sandy.  And yes, we had to take a baby home to a generator.  Although it was chaos, we felt blessed that we only had to deal with our lack of power and our hearts go out to those that lost much more and are still struggling.

The story: Since our first son came a week early we were so surprised when our due date for baby #2 came and went.  So, I did what any other desperate 41 week pregnant woman would do and went straight to the Internet and googled…how to go into labor asap!  I followed all the “secrets to inducing labor” from spicy food to doing squats but this kid was just too comfy and did not seem to want make an appearance.  Once the news started about Sandy I put myself on bed-rest to try to hold out until after the storm.  I made it through and on Halloween my doctor induced me.  Well, apparently pitocin did the trick because by the morning I went from 3 centimeters to 10 centimeters in roughly an hour.  If you’re wondering if an epidural works that quickly the answer is a big fat nope!  Although the doctor checked me at 3 centimeters and ordered the epidural, by the time it was administered I had progressed too far and delivered virtually without pain medication.  Yes, I was one of those crazy women screaming like a lunatic for somebody, anybody to just “get this baby out!” But after a few sets of pushes there he was, the most perfect little man.  Anyhow, it’s been a month now and I thank you all for being patient as we adjust to life with two little ones running around.

I rarely post pictures of my children on this site but I’ve had many requests so here you go.  May I introduce you to my munchkin.


Our precious new addition!