Right now the supermarket aisles are full of Passover food.  And you think to yourself, what do you do with that stuff called Matzah, right?



Many enjoy this cracker type bread simply with cream cheese or butter.  Others find it best dipped in chocolate or made into matzah pizza, but my favorite is my Great Grandma Ettie’s Matzah Brie.  So easy to make and enjoy for breakfast and lunch!

Matzah is trendy – There is Whole Wheat Matzah, Gluten Free Matzah, Spelt Matzah, flavored Matzah and more.  I personally like Egg Matzah.


Our family recipe…

Ingredients (serves two)

2 pieces Matzah

2 eggs

1 1/2 tablespoons of oil

sugar to sprinkle on top

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Cook with your kids!  Have your little one make a mess in a bowl and break up the matzah with their hand, pour water over to cover and let soak for 30 seconds.  Drain & Squeeze out excess water (it is squishy).  Crack two eggs and mix all together with your hands (even squishier).  Heat oil in pan, add Matzah egg mixture, fry on medium heat till it holds together (a couple of minutes) and flip over, cook one more minute.  Plate and sprinkle with sugar.  Delish!


How do you enjoy your Matzah? Leave your comments below! PlayGroundTalk2_divider_aqua_red