Mother’s Day is only a couple weeks away and let’s be honest, moms are the doers, givers, and creators of all. the. things. My son will often say to me “how do/did you know” and I tell him that mommies see it all, hear it all, and feel it all.  Isn’t that the truth?  Today, let’s talk about turning off the “know all” and focusing on the women we are underneath.

Time away from our kids
This is always tricky, as we’ve all felt the sting of guilt brought on by Social Mom Shaming. But spending time with you (and only you!) is so important. It helps us stay grounded and gives us an opportunity to mentally reset. There’s something magical about spending 24 hours treating yourself. This could be walking around Target with Starbucks in hand, enjoying brunch outdoors without sharing a single bite, lounging at the beach with that juicy book you’ve started 18 times, or an uninterrupted stay at a luxurious hotel with nothing but room service, a beautiful view, and SLEEP! Whatever you choose to do, the point is taking a well-deserved break from our busy lives.

Time with our kids
I can hear the laughter from many of you (see paragraph above!!!) but this may apply to moms of teenagers or older children. Let’s face it, we’re not the only ones with a busy schedule! Maybe a special day getting away from the ordinary and doing something new or different with your family is just what you need. There are hidden gems everywhere!  Maybe it’s a day trip to that quaint town you’ve wanted to visit or trying that new restaurant that just opened. The key is someone else takes care of the planning and organizing and your only job is to say ‘yes’.

A day of pampering!
Most women want to be pampered and this could be anywhere from an at-home treatment (soft lights, candles, music) to the most luxurious pedicure, facial, massage, or the full spa day experience! There is just something about closing your eyes, inhaling the scents, and having someone help release all of the tension, stress, anxiety, worry that we all carry with us. Start hinting now…heck, skip the hint and tell someone (with specific details) or treat yourself! Remember Moms, you are worth it!

No cooking….no cleaning…no explanation needed!

A note of appreciation
I don’t know about you, but more times than not, I question myself with yet another #momfail. Sometimes it’s nice to just hear from someone else that you are doing a great job. This could be a note or card (yes, we love the cards, homemade works too!) from your kids, significant other, best friend, or
parent with a reminder of all the wonderful things about yourself that you forget in your daily craziness!

No matter what you do or don’t do, I hope all the mommas out there feel the love, appreciation, and rejuvenation each of you deserve!

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