Even though it’s summer, sometimes it’s nice to beat the heat and head to a new place–indoors! I was really lamenting the closing of awesome spaces like Cutie Patooties and Kids Kingdom lately. A mom told me about Wee Play, which is right up the Palisades Parkway so not too far from Bergen County locations. It was about 30 minutes from me. I had a bit of trouble with my phone GPS getting to the address they provided. But, my friends had no problem finding it.

It’s $14/child (adults are free) admission (they count kids over 1yrs). If it’s your first visit, though, they take $2 off each admission. I think $14 would be steep if you’re only planning to stay around 2 to 3 hours. But, if you plan to eat lunch there and spend the whole day, then it might be worth it (but you have to buy lunch there as you can’t bring outside food).If you are nearby it might be a good idea to pay $25 for the yearly membership so you can get $10 admission each time.


When you first enter, there is an eating area. Then, a fenced off little kids area. There is also a fake store, restaurant, and gas station with “cars.” We thought the little ones would love this area more than the big ones. But, the older kids (5 to 6yrs) really liked to play “family” in this area. This occupied them for much longer than we thought it would.


There is a sand box (rather large) which our kids (thankfully) did not go into. But, it’s a nice feature. In the back are a bouncy house and a playground type structure with slides. On the other side are basketball hoop and a large play structure with tunnels and slides. Very simliar to the one at Kids U in Paramus. The play structure was fun for them but mainly they stayed in the front part of the building.

IMAG2775 IMAG2778 IMAG2777

I didn’t get a chance to check out the menu & no outside food is allowed in the playspace (however, we had some goldfish and didn’t get caught!). We hit Franco’s Pizza on 312 NY Rt. 59 which was about 5 mins away. The pizza there was very good and the penne pasta was so good we could have used another one for the kiddies!

I picked going here over a trip to NYC because it would’ve cost more to park the car, tolls, and to eat in the city. Plus, it was a lot less hassle & the kids always like to discover new places. I recommend this for a rainy day and especially if you live in the northern part of Bergen County, near the Palisades Parkway. (For me, it’s a bit too far to go regularly.) Also, with all the afterschool activities, kids these days rarely have a chance to use their imagination and play together. This is one of the playspaces where they can do that. And, it’s all in one big room so it’s not hard for mom to keep an eye on everyone (for those with 3 or more kids, it’s truly a blessing!)


Wee Play

33 Route 304, Nanuet, NY

for GPS: 136 West Nyack Road, Nanuet, NY

Phone: (845) 624-0114

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm
Saturday 9:30am – 6:00pm
Sunday 9:30am- 5:30pm

Web site: http://www.weeplayusa.com