If you’re looking for something fun to do that’s educational this summer, you don’t want to miss Walking with Dinosaurs. Last night was the first of eight shows (now through July 27th) at the Prudential Center in Newark. Click here to order your tickets and read more about the show or check out their Facebook Page.


Here’s my family – excited for the show to start!

PruCenterAlthough I think any seat in the house would be great. The seats directly across the screen would be awesome with the dinosaurs stretching out almost an arms length away.

photo 3

The narrator, who is a Paleontologist, takes you through time. You’ll learn the evolution of dinosaurs as well as Earth. All the way back before the Jurassic Period. He talks about the changes and just before your eyes they appear. With flowers blooming, (blowing up) and life walking the Earth.


There are battles to see the strongest survive and even mothers protecting their young. Of course in the end the biggest dinosaur enters and we all cheered!


I was encouraged that the time spent watching Dinosaur Dan helped my daughter identify multiple dinosaurs before they were introduced.


  • Parking: There is a lot for $15 but it’s a bit of a walk. Due to impending thunderstorms we didn’t want to walk far, so we spent the $30 across the street at the Park/Fast lot.
  • 20 Minute Intermission: After 40 minutes into the show the intermission hit. We decided to fill the time with an ice cream treat – but if your children are squirmy be sure to take them for a walk.
  • Noise Factor: The best part about the show is the realistic dinosaurs. I recommend to watch the trailer and prep your children before the show so there aren’t any surprises.
  • Dino Toys: There are plenty of awesome dino toys to buy at the show. If that’s not top of your list, bringing one of your own might help with the toy battle or even give the kids something to do during intermission.