This past weekend I coaxed my husband to visit a place we haven’t visited in awhile–Hoboken. I was tiring of the same old playgrounds near us and since the weather was beautiful we ventured out after doing some housework. 

When I was single and we were first starting to date I lived in Hoboken and it’s always brought back fond memories. Now, I was surprised to see how many strollers were in sight. Back in the day they were a rarity. And, there were a ton of new restaurants–such as a falafel joint (or two) and a vegan food truck I saw profiled on the Cooking channel. I always get a little carsick driving down Washington Street because I’m trying to decide what I want to eat. 

First, we picked up some fast food for the kids and then hit an oldie but a goodie: La Isla. One of the best Cuban places around. Hubby got the Lechon (roast pork over rice) special and I got the arroz con pollo. I thought the pork was so delish and ended up stealing some. The rice was perfect in my dish but the chicken a bit on the dry side. Both cost no more than $10-$11 each. What a steal!

We took our food to go and headed over to the waterfront area. I was thinking of picnicking on the long stretch near the path station but we couldn’t find a spot there so kept driving down Frank Sinatra Drive. Luckily we found a spot pretty quickly and it was close to a pretty awesome playground called Pier C Park. After scarfing down our lunch, we took the kiddies over there. (bonus tip: you get such a big portion at La Isla that we finished ours for dinner later that night!)


It reminded me of the playgrounds in Brooklyn. It has more of an old fashioned feel–natural wood and a tin slide with swaying trees around it. The toddler section was really cute with a sandbox area and lots of unique play equipment. Be sure to bring extra clothes for your little one as he WILL get messy 🙂 It was the first time our 2 year old experienced sand and he was loving the feeling of burying his feet in it! Very cute. The slide in the kids section is very long and I was worried my older kids would be scared but they got a real rush from it and must have rode it over 20 times. 


It gets very windy since it’s near the water so be sure to bring sweaters for yourself and the kiddies. I was amazed at how crowded Hoboken has gotten–people must be drawn to the great restaurants and easygoing waterfront scene. I definitely felt like I got a taste of the city without having to pay a toll and brave traffic. 

So, why not try something different and check out Hoboken one of these spring weekends? I think you’ll like it!


Note: Parking costs $2 for 2 hours time along Frank Sinatra Drive. You can use your credit card. 

Location: Between 3rd Street and 4th Street off Frank Sinatra Drive. 

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