I had lots of inside kid friendly posts to start in November but with this beautiful weather I was inspired to get out there to another park.  If you’re all parked-out don’t worry, Thursday will be on Garden State…’tis the season right? Anyway, you all might have heard about Veterans Park in Waldwick but did you know there was a small pond right up the street that you could fish in or just watch the ducks/swans swim by? I found it solely because I have relatives nearby and I wanted to share it with you.

Veterans Park (12 Lindbergh Parkway – Waldwick, NJ): This park has two entrances. You can park in the lot on Lindberg or enter on Schuler Ave. (Schuler does not have a parking lot – pictured below). There is a small playground (not fenced), basketball courts, tennis courts and sports fields. The highlights are the paved path, close potties and the walk to the nearby pond. If you leave the parking lot and walk straight you will walk right into the pond. To be honest there isn’t much to do once you’re there but it’s a pretty walk and who dosn’t like to see a few ducks or swans every now and then :)?

Our experience:  I have been here many times and it’s never crowded. I do wonder, however, when there is a game if it’s a different story.  My relatives say they’ve never seen it crowded either and have only seen the fields used occasionally at night.

My son seems to enjoy the toddler slide,  jumping off the rocks and watching the basketball/tennis courts. My only complaint is that a toddler has to be assisted on almost every part of this park.

The short walk down (only two houses down) to the pond is nice and we always see ducks or swans but I cannot let the munchkin out of the stroller because he’d run straight for the water. I’ve even tried to get him close but it was too muddy. However, he loves the walk and even got to see someone fishing last time. I’ve heard the pond is stocked with trout so it could be a great first fishing trip adventure.

Entrance From Schuler Ave. - No parking lot

Great Stroller Path Around Entire Park

Tire Swing

Climbing Rocks - Even For Toddlers


Road In Front Of Pond

Bench To Watch The Ducks

Duckies - There Is A Guy On The Other Side Fishing