Since it’s October and starting to get cold out there we all know what’s in the back of our minds: What are we going to do inside with the kids all winter?! (Don’t worry, we plan to help you with ideas for that soon). So, let’s get out there while we still can.  What better way to start off our blog than to do a park review. October’s “Get out of the house!” goal is to get to the park as much as possible.

Here is a local park in Upper Saddle River that you probably never knew existed. There are tons of these “hidden parks” you’d never know about unless someone happens to mention it. We encourage you to comment about what you like or dislike about this park, review a park near you or even ask us to check out a park and we’ll post about it.

Church of the Presentation (271 W. Saddle River Rd., Upper Saddle River): This is a small, quiet park on the left hand side of the church building. It’s perfect for toddlers to children around 7 or 8 years old. There is plenty of parking close to the entrance, however it is not ideal to meet here with a Moms group. Instead, head over right before dinner for an hour of personal playtime with your little one(s) or meet a friend and sit on the benches while you watch from afar with a cup of coffee in hand and some good “playground talk”. (Sorry, had to throw that in there 🙂

Our experience: We went around 3:30 pm and had the park to ourselves. It was great for about an hour of playtime. The jungle gym area was small enough you could see your child running around safely without having to get in there with them or running around the outside of it trying to follow them, worried that they’d hurt themselves before you could get there. The slides were slow and weren’t too hot from the sun. We even sat on the benches and the kids ran around by themselves going from the toddler play train to the teeter-totter to the ride-on plane (which by the way has two seats so we looked up and they had helped each other on it and were rocking together!).  Finally, due to the size of the park, you could push your baby in the swing while watching your older child play without worrying about them getting too far out of sight.

Church of the Presentation


Jungle Gym