Fall is here…or so the calendar says! (Mother Nature is quite confused as of late.) For my family, cooler temps mean more outdoor exploration! One of the places we decided to check out is Tree Hill Nature Center.

Tree Hill is located in the center of Jacksonville. It is an urban wilderness preserve, home to more than 50 acres of trails, a Florida Natural History Museum, a butterfly garden, and native animals. One of its goals is to be the leading resource for environmental and sustainability education. Tree Hill is open Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.
Tickets can be purchased inside the museum, where bathrooms are also located. Ticket prices: $5 for adults, $4 for seniors, students, military, and teachers (love this!), $3 for children ages 3 -17. (Children 2 and under are free.) There is also an option of membership. PRO TIP: Grab a map! This will help once you get outdoors.

The museum has several displays including snakes, turtles (you can touch some!), and a skunk! (EWW! I have never seen a snunk before and I’m perfectly ok with that!) There are educational exhibits about native Florida, but my littles preferred the live animals.  After we wandered through the museum, we made our way outside.

Prior to the trails, there are several animals including goats, chickens, owls, alligators, and more turtles! This is where
the butterfly garden is also located. My boys loved this. There are 7 walking trails, each around 1/3 mile.
PRO TIP: Bring the all-terrain stroller. There are areas of the trails that had large branches. My older son loved finding a “walking stick” to help him hike! There are a few stone benches along the way, and a large amphitheater that made for fun stair climbing and a snack and water break.

We spent close to 2 hours at Tree Hill Nature Center and loved the experience – we will be back!