I had another post planned for today but just couldn’t wait to share this store with you all. So I apologize for the lack of pictures (I didn’t have my camera with me) but I promise to visit again with my camera so you can see what Tons of Toys looks like. But if you need a sneak peak they have photos on their Facebook page.

I had just finished returning something to Marshalls in Boulder Run (Wyckoff) when I realized it was that dreaded 4 o’clock hour we all know so well, after nap but not quite dinner.  I had always wanted to check out Tons of Toys so I thought I could let my son explore the store and maybe find a Christmas present too. But, instead I was just blown away by this local family owned toy store.

Tons of Toys (315 Franklin Ave. In Boulder Run – Wyckoff, NJ): This is definitely a kid friendly toy store. It’s jam packed with toys spilling out of every isle. There is a train play table (tracks glued down…do these people know kids or what?) right next to the cash register. Oh, and they gift wrap. The prices were right on par with other toy stores and they honor coupons if you forget yours at home (I did, whoops!). Be aware, you can only fit a narrow stroller down the isles so don’t try to bring in a double side-by side, although they don’t mind if you park your stroller as you shop. The only difficulty I can foresee is that your child will try to get their hands on everything they see and want to bring it home; you decide whether that’s a good or bad thing. I didn’t ask where the “potties” were so if anyone knows please comment.

Their website is easy to navigate and has free shipping for orders over $100 (not sure if this is a holiday special or available all year long).  Maybe you have a newborn at home, the idea of bringing your kid(s) to a toy store already gives you a headache or if you just can’t make it out…you can shop from home and still support our local stores 🙂

Our experience: I was amazed by the customer service at Tons of Toys. My son was having a blast looking/touching all the toys so I expected to receive a dirty look or two but instead they seemed to enourage it by smiling and asking if we needed any help. I left my stroller in the back of the store and asked if that was okay to which I got the response, “Oh sure, leave it wherever you want.” While I was there, a few people described the person they were shopping for and were guided through the toy buying decision process.  Then, it occurred to me that shopping in a family owned business was like having a personal shopper and could be a major help with my holiday shopping.

You see, I have been on a Lego mission (from my brother-in-law) and already circled my Target and Toys R Us flyers trying to find the best deals for the newest and coolest Lego sets for three of my nephews. But to be honest, when I was six, I was into playing with Cabbage Patch Kid dolls and My little Pony (remember them?) and had no clue if I should buy the Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Wars set. So, I marched myself (with son now on my hip) over to Ian, a young man working behind the counter. He was amazing. He smiled and listened to my Lego needs and budget through my son fidgeting in my arms, trying to grab the Lego boxes off the shelves and trying to ride the enormous giraffe in the middle of the isle. He explained the differences in the Lego sets (pricing, newest etc.) and which would be appropriate for each age group. The kicker was I asked Ian which ones he would pick and his eyes lit up as he pointed to the big yellow car that turned into a helicopter and some other thing (nope, not a Lego chick, sorry) and that was it…SOLD!  So, I left with three wrapped presents, a happy and tired toddler and confident I’ll be the “cool Aunt” who gives fun presents.

Picture From Tons Of Toys Facebook Page