Another holiday season has come and gone, and many memories were made! But after the excitement of Christmas subsided my boys were ready to get active again, so we made our way to The Greenhouse Playhouse!

The Greenhouse Playhouse has been in operation just over a year. I was able to meet and talk with the owners and parents of three young children, Alvie and Daryl.

The Greenhouse is a Montessori-inspired play space located on Beach Boulevard geared towards infants and children up to 5 years old.  They are open Monday through Saturday, by appointment only and offer three time slots: 9-11am, 12-2pm, and 3-5pm. The hour between time slots is allocated for sanitation. They offer open play, play passes, and membership, as well as drop-off services where you can leave your child for two hours.  Open play for ages 1 and up is $14, 6-11 months $11, and up to 5 months $3. Siblings are an additional $9.

Upon arrival, your temperature is taken. PRO TIP: Masks and socks are required for adults and children 6 years and older. It was on the chillier side, so dress appropriately. Sanitizer is provided and they have a “yuck” bin for any toys that end up in a child’s mouth.

The boys and I went during a 9 AM slot. The minute their eyes saw the big treehouse, off they ran! I thought the facility was incredibly clean and quite spacious. There were only 3 other families while we were there, one being a drop-off. Daryl was wonderful, constantly checking on us, as well as cleaning and straightening up the toys.

The Greenhouse offered several different areas of play. A few favorites include the grocery store complete with cash registers and child-size grocery carts, a ball pit, a big slide, and a water table unlike anything I have ever seen!!  PRO TIP: I took my youngest on the slide and WOWSERS! It is fast! Be prepared! The water table was my favorite, we spent a LOT of time there.

I was curious as to how the name ‘Greenhouse’ came to be, so I did a bit of research. I was delighted to discover it was a reference to their mission: “to nourish and optimize the young child’s mental and physical growth in a clean, safe, comfortable environment year-round.” Just as a well operated greenhouse allows plants to thrive, this playhouse provides the perfect location for my kids to flourish. They’ve certainly earned this Momma’s stamp of approval and judging by the tears that flowed when it was time to leave, I think my boys would say the same.