Though this is the last weekend for fall festivals, you may want to keep this blog in your back pocket for next year’s decision making! Each year many of my friends and I debate which farm to take the kids to. We decided to venture to Sykes Family Farm as I believe this is the one I have heard the least about.

Sykes is located in Elkton, about 10 miles west of St Augustine. Of the three most popular options, they are the only one open on Sundays. They are open Friday evenings from 6pm to 10pm, Saturdays from 10am to 10pm, and Sundays from 10am to 5pm.  Tickets can be purchased online and at the gate. Online prices are $13 for ages 3 to 64, $11 for senior citizens and military servicemen, and children 2 and under are FREE.  (Others charge from ages 2 and up.)

Sykes Family Farm highlights their maze, which consists of four phases over nine acres. At the entrance of the maze you have the option to fill out a “passport” – a ten-question form that will help guide you through the maze. These phases take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes each.  We went on a warm day and opted to skip the maze, as there were other attractions that were more exciting for my little guys.

There are 2 rides: a kiddie train and a tractor hayride, both of which we did. Lines were short and my boys really enjoyed both but were especially partial to the hayride. The ride goes through the sunflowers, which was pretty. These are u-pick and are $1 per stalk. The jump pads were probably the biggest hit for both boys. There are 2 pads: one for the younger children and a larger one for the older kids, neither of which was overly crowded.

There are farm animals including cows, chickens, goats, a turkey, and the biggest (and stinkiest) pig I have ever seen! As you now know, my boys love animals, so we spent a lot of time looking interacting with the goats. The fun doesn’t stop there!

Additional attractions include tube slides, corn bins, a playground and more.  A variety of snack food is available for purchase including boiled peanuts, ice cream, kettle corn, and shaved ice. There is also a country store where pumpkins are available, however we opted to wait to pick our pumpkin on another day. We also used the youth port-a-potty and it was quite
clean. (No bathroom lines at all.)

We were at the farm for just over 2 hours and it was a fight to leave! Everyone who worked there was family-friendly. It was nice to see so many young volunteers with smiles on their faces. Overall, Sykes Family Farm has earned our seal of approval!