Recently I noticed these bright pink ads for a nursing boutique popping up all over the local papers and magazines.  I love to research, and so when I was pregnant and decided I was going to nurse I spent hours upon hours on message boards and reading reviews trying to find the “best” nursing bra, covers, pump etc.  When I checked out The Nursing Boutique’s website I was so impressed because I saw all of the nursing products I loved, survived with and passed along to my girlfriends.  I had to stop by the store in person, so I grabbed one of my best nursing Mommy friends (8 week old in tow) and headed off to Englewood.

Suzanne Nursing Boutique (1 W. Forest Ave., Englewood, NJ):  Since the store is right off Route 4 the drive is easy, however finding the storefront is a bit tricky. So, if you’re coming from Route 4, it will be on your left hand side. Look for their pink sign on the white gate and turn left into their driveway. If you go over the train tracks you went too far.

The boutique is in the Astoria Medical building (see picture below).  You can bring a stroller due to a ramp plus once inside you’ll find a fully stocked changing station and glider.  The store carries a variety of products such as nursing pillows, clothes, pumps, nursing covers, creams and more.

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Our experience:  All I could think about when I met Suzanne was how my life would have been so much easier if I had this boutique as a resource while I was nursing.  Hours of researching would have been saved in this one stop shopping experience.  She clearly thoroughly researched all of the vendors and chose the some of the best merchandise out there for her boutique.

When you’re nursing you have very limited time. I felt, the boutique’s biggest service is the ability to have all of your post baby merchandise questions addressed by a knowledgeable expert who is passionate about making her clients lives a little more comfortable and fashionable too.

While I was there my friend was looking for a post-pregnancy tummy wrap.  Suzanne walked her through the options, pointing her to the softer, more comfortable bamboo band and helped her fasten it properly.  My friend loved it so much she left wearing it, box in hand.  Also while we were there another woman came in looking for a nursing bra and Suzanne popped into the dressing room (we all just had a baby, no need to be modest now) to make sure the fit was just right.  Since this is a boutique the choices are slightly limited however, after seeing the customer service I’m sure Suzanne would be able to order you a custom color or size so don’t let that deter you from checking this place out.

From Rt. 4, You'll See Offices On The Right. The Boutique Is Across The Street.

Look For This White Gate. See The Pink Sign? Make A Left Here Into Driveway.

The Door Says Astoria Surgical. The Boutique Is Through The Door To The Left.

This Is What You'll See Once You Enter. Make A Left.

The Boutique. Notice The Glider.


Changing Station


Fitting Room

Fitting Room


Suzanne In Action



Love These! You Can See What You're Doing.


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