Did it reach 100 degrees and 120% humidity overnight or what? Welcome, July (insert sweaty emoji). If you’re anything like me, you’re desperate to GET OUTSIDE, but bring on the sweet relief of cool water and plenty of shade! 

We headed to Sunshine Park’s splash pad on a Monday morning. We have spent many hours at the Jax Beach super cool park, but this was our first time checking out the water fun. Here’s the rundown: 

  • There are two separate areas, one for toddlers with a Dr. Seuss-like water pipe and several geysers. The other, geared towards older kids, has a large water totem pole, in addition to several geysers. Funny enough, my older son preferred the toddler area. It was calmer and quieter, and he has a major fear of water in his eyes! Several kids brought boats, cups, even barbies into the toddler area. Oh, and one of the best parts (per my oldest) was turning on the water when the automatic timer went off. The kids all seemed to love racing towards the button.
  • It opens at 9am. We got there around 10:30 (slow movers that morning!) and both areas were crowded. Magically around 11:45, everyone, and I mean everyone left!  We tend to eat a later lunch, so this worked out great for the boys. 
  • Shade was a bit tricky, but there were some prime spots around the perimeter where a few moms were sitting and chatting. I parked my younger son there when we arrived, as the car ride put him to sleep.  
  • What to wear? Most moms were in tank tops and shorts, but I wore my bathing suit. (Come on, I have rambunctious 2 boys, I knew I was getting splashed!) I ended up on the floor with my youngest and when we went to the older kid part, of course I had to show my oldest that running around the totem pole was fun!  🙂
  • They have 2 sets of bathrooms.  I found the ladies’ room relatively clean AND they had a changing table!  WOO HOO!
  • There are several shaded pavilion areas for snack or lunch breaks or even nursing. (Yep, I nursed my son at one.) There are a few tables of 4 close to the splash pad and the park has a larger shaded pavilion with tables. 
  • In case you didn’t bring food, Trader Joe’s is a mile down South Beach Parkway. In that same plaza is Bagels R Us, a newer addition but closed on Mondays. I hear they are the closest thing to a New York bagel we can get! Sounds like some yummy research.

What a great morning! We were there for 2 hours, including snack, nursing, and a quick change into dry clothes. There’s no doubt we’ll be back for more fun soon!