Here are some of my favorite things this summer…

Water Bottles

Now that plastic has fallen out of favor, metal bottles are a must-have. I love these Funtainer bottles that can be found at WalMart and Target in the sporting goods section. They are pricey, but they definitely do as promised and keep liquids cold for a long time. The lid is flimsy, though, and we broke the hinge on the first one. Don't bother trying to Krazy glue it back on as we did–it won't stay on. I just found out on Amazon that you can order a replacement lid by calling THERMOS customer care line 1-800-831-9242. They only cost $2 per lid and are shipped quickly with replacement straws as well. One tip is to remember to close the lid when your child is carrying it around–it's less likely to break off. Another favorite of moms are Sigg bottles–they supposedly don't leak. Funtainers leak sometimes if stored sideways but usually are leak proof. But Sigg bottles are not insulated. 

Portable Food

Last summer I did a post on portable food. Many times I need to make lunch fast and it has to be easy to eat (no messy clean up!). This summer I've discovered wraps. I buy the smaller size tortillas and put some hummus (I love the Three Layer Hummus from Trader Joe's: Roasted Red pepper, Traditional and Zesty Cilantro) spread on it. Then, I put a meat: either rotisserie chicken,  chopped pork chops, or lunchmeat. Roll it up and you're ready to go! It saves money and time. 

Travel Potty

Another oldie but goodie is my post on my favorite travel potty. I still love this invention. I now take it to the pool because I can't stand the grossness of public bathrooms there. It's been a lifesaver many a time at the park and beach. 

Weight Loss

Now that bikini season is here, everyone is looking to lose those extra pounds. I, especially, have baby weight to lose. So, I'm always on the hunt for weight loss tips. Many moms I know have had great success on Weight Watchers–and you can even do an online version without the meetings these days. I've gone back to my standby of Taebo and Pilates. I still think the Taebo series has the best cardio–I can go longer doing that than the treadmill or stepper. As for pilates, I've always loved the Mari Windsor series (that are still available on Amazon). 

Another "hot" trend these days is Bikram Yoga. Basically, you do yoga poses in a heated environment. Supposedly, it's great for cleansing the body of toxins and losing water weight. Many places have a great introductory special of 7 days of unlimited classes for $25. The women I've seen on this look incredibly fit and healthy. I just wish more places had child care!

I've never been one for diet pills, but a friend told me about the awesome effects of Bee Pollen pills (which are all natural). I tried it for a few months last year and lost a lot of weight. Pretty soon enough people were asking that I started distributing them myself. I'm about sold out now of my supply but you can contact me if you want more info or want to try a sample. It helped curb my night cravings and tendency to overeat while also cleansing out my system. If I wasn't breastfeeding I'd be on these in a second!

Share your own favorite portable food and/or weight loss tip! I'd love to hear what your summer essentials are!