The fall is a great time to head over to your local farmers’ market. Ramsey’s market is open Sundays from 10-2pm and runs from the Spring until end of November rain or shine. Children of all ages love to go sample food, people watch, and listen to live music. Plus the market is adjacent to the the train tracks so if you have a toddler you’ll be running your stroller over to see the choo choo go by. We go here most Sundays and often walk down Ramsey’s main street (many of the cafe’s are open so support your local store owners) or go over to Finch Park.  But, if you’re a Starbucks addict like so many of us, have no fear, it’s right next to the market.

Lauren’s experience: My favorite vendor is Bloominghill Farm. They bring a wide variety of organic produce to the market every week. I’ve bought everything from tea leaves to a tomato plant to some kind of special spinach they grow (I have no clue what it was called) because it’s higher in nutrients than the baby spinach you see at the grocery store. The owners are knowledgeable and seem to enjoy sharing information (phew, or I’d be clueless). In general, don’t be afraid to talk to the vendors, they are proud of their goods and love to talk about their craft. So, thankfully the blue laws can’t stop me from buying hand made bath products, so I never leave without checking out Lux Naturals. Their handcrafted soaps, soy candles and body products are fantastic. Let us know what your favorite market or vendor is too.

Click here for a list of other Farmers’ markets in Bergen County.

If you’re nervous about driving from one grocery store to the next (like I was) just to find organic or local food during the winter check out this co-op called Purple Dragon. They source out the most local and/or organic produce available and have pick up sites (every other week) in many towns in Bergen County. Like many co-ops you pay a flat fee and receive your “share” of what was produced at that time. Click on the “About Purple Dragon” link on the left side of their webpage for more information. Have you used them or anther one? What did you think?