Recently, I attended the New Parents Expo in NY to check out the newest offerings in baby products and services. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Hold-on Handles ($19.99) If you're the type of mom that goes crazy in the mall or parking lot and you have multiple kids to keep an eye on then you need this product. They are handles that attach to your stroller by way of carabiner clip. It was created by a mom who wanted an easy way to keep her kids by the stroller in the mall or supermarket. You can find them at Buy Buy Baby,,, etc. See for a complete list. 

2. Baby Hobo ($79.99). Another mom-invented product (see a theme here?) This is one of those products I know all nursing moms have wanted to have. I remember visiting family and wishing I didn't have to pack that huge boppy pillow for nursing. And, when you're on a plane a boppy isn't the easiest thing to carry in to overhead compartment. Well, this mom invented a bag that has the nursing pillow in it–so it's a diaper bag and nursing pillow all in one! You can go to their site: to see how it works, including a video! 

3. Magnificent Baby clothes. (around $39.99) This is another product that is something I'm sure every  mom has wished for. If you've ever been frustrated by the snap closures on baby clothes then you'll love this line which uses magnets instead of snaps. The prices are higher than you would pay for a regular outfit but I guarantee if you have these around you'll want to use them instead of your old baby clothes. Check out their site for local retailers:

4. Tegu. ($70) They had these magnetic blocks on a playmat for the kid to play with. I kid you not, my two eldest were entertained for at least an hour with just these blocks. They are beautiful and allow for kid's creativity to truly run wild. Think about it for an early Christmas gift!

 5. Buggy Bubbles. This new company does to your stroller or car seat what a car wash does for your car. You know your baby gear is expensive. You also know that it services the messiest people on the planet: babies. I'm sure many of you would rather buy a new stroller than thoroughly take apart and clean the one you have. Well, now there's a service that will pick it up for you and do all the dirty work–Buggy Bubbles. Started by a mom who needed side income it quickly spread into a booming business on the west coast. Allison Leale is heading up the company's expansion into Brooklyn and the East Coast. Contact her at if you want to spiffy up your stroller. They also have franchise opportunities…if you're interested tell them MiraBest sent you!