Last week I had an opportunity for a sneak peek of the new Chuck E. Cheese on Rt. 4. Me and my sons were granted free reign of the place and we became even bigger fans of good ole’ Chuck E. Here are the pros:

1. Large, open layout (you can view your kids from the eating area)

2. CLEAN! Everything is brand, spanking new! At the end of the day (and throughout the day) they clean with non-caustic, EcoLab cleaners.

3. 110 rides for kids of all ages, with a separate area for kids ages 0-3yrs where rides are only 1 token each.

4. Buy a Chuck E. Cheese collectible cup for $3.38 and your kid gets lifetime refills for free!

5.Parties! No charge for adults and minimum of 4 kids needed.You only need $30 deposit to hold a spot. You can also just walk in and if they have a spot available you can buy all the items you need for an instant party. Weekdays are less crowded and you can do an evening party (as late as 8pm). After the party your guests can stay as long as they wish. Great back up venue in the summer (if you have an outdoor party planned)!

new chuck e cheese 026

6. Instead of the old animatronic figures on stage they now have three tv screens and a blue screen where your child will stand in front and be projected on the screens (for birthday parties).

new chuck e cheese 022

7. Great place to have a fundraiser. 15% will go towards your school/charity/organization. Kids get 10 free tokens to spend. Chuck E. will even visit your school to increase turnout.

8. Security: As with all locations, you will get a number stamped on your hand for each member of your party. They will check as you leave to make sure that you are leaving with the same people you came with.

9. All kids under 18yrs need a parent or guardian with them (this prevents groups of teenagers from coming in together).

10. 50 items in their salad bar which are cut fresh daily.

I was really impressed with the new rides. We have gone to the North Bergen location many times so I know most of their rides by heart. The giant horse ride is truly impressive visually. The baby version of the dance DDR game is very cute (but maybe a bit tricky for my young ones to master). I loved the little hot chocolate cup in this area, too.


new chuck e cheese 015 new chuck e cheese 009 new chuck e cheese 004

The area for older kids looks really fun as well. Tons of shooting games and motion simulators will have them occupied for hours. I think kids from 7 to 15yrs will have a blast here. There’s also a cotton candy machine that makes cotton candy on a stick.

new chuck e cheese 031 new chuck e cheese 034 new chuck e cheese 039 new chuck e cheese 042

And kids can save their tickets (most games give you 5 tickets) for prizes. If your kid doesn’t have enough you can pay the difference so they go home happy.

I’m sure many of you moms weren’t sad to see the old location at Bergen Town Center get demolished. I still have PTS from a Saturday party I went to there last year. This new and improved Chuck E. is so needed in our area! I’m actually excited to go there for playdates and parties! Never thought I’d say that in my life 🙂 Hopefully it won’t get too crowded (is that wishful thinking?)

new chuck e cheese 017 new chuck e cheese 030 new chuck e cheese 051

This week they are open for a soft opening (to help train the staff) at 10 am for limited hours. You are free to go and preview the space! The grand opening is January 2nd.

GIVEAWAY! To encourage you to go out there they’ve given me three passes for free food/tokens. Each pass includes:

–1 Large Pizza of choice

–4 Soft Drinks

–30 Game Tokens

No cash value and no change given on any unused balance. Not valid with any other offer.

TO WIN: Answer in comments section here or on Facebook: What is your favorite thing to do during the winter breaks in January and February? (activity, place you like to visit, hotel or resort recommendation, etc.) Top three winners will be chosen at random on Friday, December 30th. If you don’t claim within 24 hours it will be given to the runners up. Only way to get bonus entries is to share and have your friends enter on Facebook.

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Good Luck!