As soon as I heard the name of new music and art classes offered in Bergen County called Mozart to Monet – I couldn’t wait to try a class.

This time, I attended the “Meet The Instruments” class.  I often take my son to The New York Philharmonic’s Very Young People’s Concerts in which children ages three to six can “meet the instruments” and then watch a child-friendly concert. (The next tickets are for the brass family, January 5th, so definitely check out their site.) Anyway to have this experience, I have to pay for the tickets, drive into the city and pay for parking – so I was excited to give my kids hands-on time with instruments just minutes from my home.

The Founder, local mom Louise Buzelli, attended LaGuardia High School of Music and the Arts in NY. Due to her passion for bringing the culture and the arts to Bergen, Mozart to Monet was born. She says, “There are few things more wonderful than witnessing a child’s joy when discovering new sounds and feelings music can bring. That’s why I founded Mozart to Monet…a musical art experience for kids!” For more information about Mozart to Monet click on their About Us Page. 

Along with the “Meet The Instruments” class, they offer other music classes and art classes with live music (I also saw a “Messy Art” class where the children were taught about a famous artist and created their own masterpiece while listening to live jazz music). You can find their classes here or register for at Bookends and Creatively Yours. They also specialize in private group parties, after school enrichment programs, preschools, Mommy & Me groups, birthday parties, and adult art.  Call 201-543-4900 or email or find them on Facebook.


 Now, onto our class experience:

The class started off with the children choosing a stuffed animal to use in the opening sing-a-long circle time, complete with live piano player Bobby Knee.  Have you ever been to a music class and all the songs are new to you? – You look around at all the other parents singing along with their kids and so you don’t look like the newbie, you just look down at the floor, bop and clap away, and try to pick up as many words as possible…as fast as possible? Thankfully, that didn’t happen to me in this class.  The Teacher and Class Creator, Louise, used songs both unique to Mozart to Monet and songs I knew like The Little Mermaid’s Under The Sea. Hooray! Well, hooray for me, but maybe not so much of a hooray for everyone else who had to listen to me sing 🙂

Next up was the use of sand blocks to introduce vocabulary such as adagio and allegro.


Even the little ones could participate with a little assistance from mom.


For the most part my son stayed put in the circle but he tried to crawl away a bit (gotta love that boy energy).  So, it was great that he class was broken up by a “train walk” around the room (with singing of course).


Then came the drums…


Here’s my little man! – We have to work on playing them rather than chucking them across the floor.


The most unique part of this class is the live music played by a professional musicians.  This musician Evan Ardelle,  plays for The Ridgewood Symphony. By the way, The Ridgewood Symphony performs  Young People’s Concerts so check out their website.


I have to admit I was floored that all of the children were allowed to play the instrument. Even my one year old had a turn.


Watch the song BINGO being played. How cool?!

MozartToMonetChildrenPlayAnd finally, the kids chose some fun instruments to play with right before the class ended. All in all this was one unique class! Interested? Be sure to check out Mozart to Monet’s list of classes and tell them you saw this post on Playground Talk.