Mothers & More (Bergen County)Mothers & More meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Cupola Senior Residence located at 100 W. Ridgewood Ave. in Paramus, from 7:30-9:30pm.  They offer playgroups, mom’s night out, chapter meetings with speakers, reading groups, walking groups, hobby groups, and much much more (see the list below).  Plus, they have a “members only” yahoo group to answer questions from local doctors to kids birthday party ideas.  To join their group click here.

The bottom line:  I’ve seen “mom groups” advertised but I’m often hesitant to join because I’m intimidated by the group setting, wonder if anything will really interest me and hello, I have a toddler,  do I really have time to add something else to my schedule?  But, after spending some time with the moms at Mothers & More I can assure you that this is a supportive group of women who offer a wide variety of activities to fit into any mom’s busy schedule.

I was blown away by the variety activities! Here are some of their March events:

Thursday, March 1, 8:00pm – Book Group, “The Orphan Sister” by Gwendolen Gross

Wednesday, March 7 – Chapterwide Play Group

Monday, March 12, 7:30pm – Bachelor Finale Fundraiser @ The Cupola

Friday – Moms and Tots Hip Hop Class

Monday, March 19, 7:30pm – Moms Night Out @ Holiday Bowl in Oakland

Tuesday, March 20, 9:30am – Early Stages Play Group for kids 2 and under

Wednesday, March 21, 7:30pm – Chapter Meeting “Dynamic Health 101” @ The Cupola in Paramus

Thursday, March 22, 5:00pm –  Hoot and Howl Dinner (Husbands Out Of Town and Husbands Out Working Late)

Monday – Moms and Tots go bowling

Tuesday, March 27 – Chapterwide @ James Voorhis Memorial Park in Westwood

Wednesday, March 28, 7:30pm – Craft Night

Andrea and I aren’t members but our good friend Kate is and always raves about how this group saved her when she moved to Bergen County as a new Mom.  Read about her experience below.  I love how she took her 4 month old to the park playdates and sat him in his stroller while she chatted with other moms.  Why didn’t I do that?

Kate’s experience: I joined the Bergen County chapter of Mothers and More in May 2010.  I had just moved to the area from Virginia and my son was only 4 months old.  I was surprised by all of the different activities the group organized for kids and for moms.  At 4 months old, my son sat in his stroller giving me the chance to chat with other Moms.   As part of the group, I was also set up with my own playgroup with kids the same age as my son.  I really enjoyed getting to know the other moms in the small group setting of our playgroup.  It’s been great connecting with other moms going through the same experiences as me being a first time, stay-at-home mom (although many moms in the group work too).  Mothers and More has really helped me to become a better mom by providing support, friendship and enrichment for not only me, but my son too!

Speaker: Randi Bale (Healthy Organized Living)

For more about Randi Bale check out her website.