I have such exciting news! Remember our August post on the beautiful maternity unit and Mommy University classes over at HackensackUMC at Pascack Valley? Well, I’ve teamed up with blogger friend Mira from MiraBest and HackensackUMC at Pascack Valley to teach a FREE class at Mommy University! Yahoo! The class is called, Bringing Home Baby: How To Find Support And Connect With Other Parents. Since Mira and I are both seasoned moms and local guru’s we are just thrilled to share our knowledge about getting out of your house, making friends and enjoying Bergen County with your baby!  Our first FREE class is Tuesday, October 29th at 7pm at HackensackUMC at Pascack Valley in Westwood. You can read the description below and please pass along the news to anyone who you think might bennefit from this class. Dates and times are at the bottom of this post. To register call 877-848-WELL (9355).


Bringing Home Baby: How to Find Support And Connect With Other Parents

Do you know where the best place to nurse and change a diaper is at Garden State Plaza, which online parenting group is best to ask questions about your baby’s sleep schedule or where to find music class options for infants? Without this vital information, being a new parent can feel isolating. Join Lauren Seise and Mira Park, Creators and Publishers of two online resources for parents in Bergen County for our inside tips on how to navigate parenting here in Bergen County. Check out https://www.playgroundtalk.com/and www.mirabest.com and connect with us through our newsletters and on Facebook. Join Lauren and Mira for their guidance in finding:

1. Support through online resources and local groups (both online websites and social media – plus, physical locations like your town’s library or municipal services)

2. Interest groups (fitness, holistic, hobbies, volunteering etc.)

3. How to find and “land” a play date with a new parent-friend

4. How to stay connected to your new parent-friends

And much, much more!

October 29th, November 19th, & December 17th – 7:00 pm

January 21st, February 25th, & March 26th – 10:00 am

**To Register Call – 877-848-WELL (9355)