Recently, we made a trip to Legoland in Westchester with the whole family. My kids are not huge Lego fans but I thought it might be a good way to get them excited about it and pique their interest. Here are Ten Things about it you should know…

1. It’s not far from us! We went on a weekend and there was hardly any traffic. You just have to cross the GW Bridge and Bam! you are there! Make sure you have your carpool discount through EZ Pass so you only pay $4.25 to cross the bridge! Took  us 30 minutes to get there.

2. Tickets. Most people buy tickets ahead of time on their web site so you’re not surprised that tickets are sold out when you get there. However, I did see tickets being sold at the door (that’s a separate line) for awhile in the morning. Adult ticket is $22 while child ticket is $18; children under 2 are free. Link here.

3. Coupons. When we were in Legoland there are these Lego Club Magazines that are by the food counter area. Inside are coupons “Kids go free” with adult ticket. So, this can save you up to $36 or more if you bring grandparents. You can also get this magazine by signing up here. I took a few magazines to give to friends.

Only catch is that you can’t use this coupon online. ONLY on walkup! So, you have to risk it and get there early to buy tickets if you want to use this coupon.

4. Age appropriateness. I had a friend who was thinking of coming with her 11 year old. Personally, I think he would’ve been bored. Most of the rides are geared towards younger kids and even though Lego fans come in all ages, I’m not sure they would get their money’s worth.

5. Rides and Attractions. I will rate them below…

  • Lego Factory Tour. This is the area you first go into after you pay. I thought it was boring but kids do get a kick out of pretending like they are mixing and creating a lego piece. Grade: C


  • Kingdom Quest Laser Ride. After waiting on line for the tickets (we had preordered online) we had to wait on line again for this ride. It was a cute ride where you have a gun to shoot bad guys to get points (sort of like the Toy Story ride in Disney World). Grade: A
  • Lego Miniland. This is where you see NY landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Central Park made all out of Legos. I thought this was one of the highlights of the whole place. I wished this area was bigger and more extensive even! Grade A- 

miniland 5

  • After these attractions, you are then in this big room where the bulk of the attractions are. In the middle your kids will be drawn to The Fire Academy Play Area. (Grade for us: F; Grade in general: B+) It’s sort of like the playquad at Kids U. However, kids have to be 3 feet tall to be in there (max 54″). Parents are not allowed inside with their kids.  My younger son, 2yrs old, had a major tantrum because he couldn’t follow his older siblings inside. I talked to the manager to plead my case but they wouldn’t budge. So, if you have a younger child you might want to leave them home because that is one of the major attractions and they will miss out. And, one of you will be miserable as your child has a meltdown for an hour 🙁
  • Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. You may have to wait on line for this ride and it’s pretty uneventful…you bicycle to try to get your car higher. Wheee!!!! Grade: B
  • Lego Friends. I was hoping more for this area which is dedicated to the lego sets for girls, Olivia’s House in Heartlake City. There is a karaoke area but overall the execution here seems half-hearted. Grade: C
  • Lego Studios 4D Film. I love a good 4D movie and this one was really cute. It’s a race between the lego characters and it allows you to go through different weather areas…wind, rain, lightning and even snow burst into the auditorium! However, the show is short…seemed like half an hour long. Grade: A-
  • Lego Master Builder Academy. I wanted to check it out but didn’t have a chance. Our friends said it wasn’t much (their class learned how to stack Legos) something they already knew how to do. Grade: D  Earthquake Tables. The concept here is you build a tower using legos and see if it withstands an “earthquake.” It was cute but my kids didn’t play here for long. Grade: B.
  • Lego Racers: Build & Test. On our first run through we didn’t get to this area. After we left for a late lunch we came back to meet our friends and our kids spent another hour in this area. You get to build little cars and try to see whose car has the fastest speed. There’s also another big ramp that they can slide down. It’s alot of imaginative fun and I wish there was more fun stuff like this at Legoland–pure play can occupy them for hours! Grade: A

photo (1) edie

5. Food. The indoor cafeteria had your standard overpriced fare. We got small individual pizzas for the kids to tie them over. Legoland is situated inside Ridge Hill Mall which has a California vibe to it. It’s an outdoor mall so it’s a nice change from being indoors at Legoland. There are many food options here–Cheesecake Factory, Elevation Burger, Whole Foods market, a Cuban place (Havana Central), and a Greek place (Lefteris Gyro) that we settled on.

6. Store. Once you finish Legoland there is a store, of course, to entice your child to buy something. They have some cute items like key chains and inexpensive sets but most stuff is full price.

7. Parking. There is some kind of validation system with Legoland but I think it was only for three hours or so. Anyway, we stayed longer than the allotted time (over 6 hours!) so had to pay the higher parking rate. Too bad their validation wasn’t for a longer period!

  • Up to 6 Hours: $3.25
  • Up to 8 Hours: $8.00
  • Up to 24 Hours: $11.00

8. Annual Passes. A family annual pass for 4 people is $230. Legoland is a nice rainy day activity so I did consider it. But, I didn’t like the fact that we would have to pay GW toll every time and parking. If you have a large family, though, it might not be that much more to get the annual pass than what you pay for a single visit (that’s how they get ya!).

9. Events. Mark your calendar! Sept 21st & 22nd Lego Star Wars Days; October 12th to 31st Brick or Treat; Dec. 6th to 26th: Holly Jolly Holiday.

10. Conclusion. So, that wraps up my take on Legoland. Did we become die hard Lego fans afterwards? Not really, but we had a good time overall and it was a nice day trip. Hope you have a good time and please share your experience/thoughts below!



1 Ridge Hill Boulevard, Yonkers, NY 10710 (Address to use for GPS)