One cool feature of Google that my techie mom friends rave about is the Google Reader. You might have noticed the tab on the top if you have Gmail. 

Why it is great:

1. Say you stumble upon a site you really like. Where does it go? Into your bookmarks. I don't know about you, but my bookmarks is like a graveyard of sites I never visit again! It's so unmanageable that I don't even open it. Google reader guarantees you never forget about a site and never miss their updates. 

2. It saves you from leapfrogging to different sites during the day. Why? The content comes to you. It's like having your own personal newspaper made up of blogs and web sites all around the web. 

3. In list mode you can easily see the title of all the posts that you haven't read yet. Once you click on it and read it, it is marked as such and gone from your reader. No need to figure out where you last left off in reading a blog or site. (Make sure you have "show new items" selected instead of "all items" in the top toolbar)

4. Facebook news feeds are very similar and might one day supplant this service. Not all web sites are on Facebook, though. And with Google Reader there is a way to read your personal newspaper while offline (once you get advanced you can Google it!)

5. It is a great alternative to email subscriptions. Do you love my site but don't want your inbox cluttered with another daily email? This is a great way to reduce your inbox volume. 

OK, now you see the benefits, now what is it and how do I navigate it? These short videos on Youtube are a great way to get your feet wet:

Google Reader in Plain English

After that, see how to navigate your reader: Welcome to Google Reader!

A good overview on how to organize your feeds into folders: Link here


Here are some good sites to put in your reader to get you started (remember, click on "Add a subscription" in your reader and search for these sites) and don't forget to add MiraBest!:


Babble's list of the 50 Best Mommy Bloggers–I like Mom 101, Cool Mom Picks, Mighty Girl, Parent Hacks

NJ Blogs: NJ Moms Blogs, (news), Second Helpings (The Bergen Record's food blog),  Mrs. Mo's NJ, Jersey Bites, Bergenation, NJ Playgrounds,

Other great ones: Baby Cheapskate, Mommy Poppins, La Tartine Gourmande, Kimchi Mamas, Engineer a Debt Free Life, The Motherlode. 

Who do you have in your Reader? What are your favorite sites?