Disclosure: This is a guest post by Courtney Byrne (see her bio below).  The blogger did receive a few of the items for the purpose of review, but received no other compensation. The opinions are solely of the guest blogger. 

At this point, you may have the bulk of your holiday shopping done. If you’re looking for a few more gifts for your kids, or you still have a few friends, nieces, nephews, etc. to buy for, this list is for you! This gift guide is a list of my top 10 gifts for kids under $25. All of these are items I have enjoyed with my own children, and all can be ordered online. (Many can be bought in local stores too).  I picked a classic game, some great Etsy finds and other items for kids to enjoy.

10 gifts under 25

Cath Kidston Mittens

These ragdoll mittens are so cute and well made! I discovered this brand while I was in London last month and have loved shopping their US site since i’ve been home. There is a boy version of the mittens that are Firemen and they are equally as cute! Cath Kidston has a lot of great gifts for boys, girls and also hostess gifts (many under $25).

opposite of far mask

The Color-Play Coloring Book

This coloring book is an oversized activity book. It’s great for kids of all ages and encourages fun with color. This book is really like no other coloring book i’ve seen!

Minnetonka Fringe Books

Fringe boots are quite popular for little feet and we love Minnetonkas. Both my girls wore these boots. They are made of 100% suede leather and really last. I think The Land of Nod has a great selection and great price (19.95). These boots are one of my  favorite baby gifts to give!

Animal Masks

Who doesn’t love dressing up as their favorite animal? We get our animal masks from Opposite of Far. They are super soft felt. We have a bunch of masks and the girls dress up (usually make me wear one too) almost every day. They also sell super hero masks and animal tails. There is plenty of fun dress up from Opposite of Far, and all at a good price.

Handmade Felt Crowns

Besides wearing animal masks, another item my kids like to accessorize everything with: crowns. Our favorites are the crowns from Felted Kitten. They are handmade and you can get them in every color, different shapes and with matching wands. They make a great gift. In addition to being fun to wear, they also make a cute bedroom or nursery decor item.

Hi Ho Cherry-O

This was a favorite game of mine when I was a kid! Now I love playing it with my daughter (she’s almost 4). The game is designed for ages 3-6 and it’s a great for teaching numbers and counting.

Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is a subscription for kids that delivers hands on fun every month. The “crates” come with everything you need to make fun projects and learn along with it. All crates are reviewed by child development experts and then tested on kids. In addition to a subscription, you can also buy just one box. They have really fun crates for the holidays!

Fishing Game

This game is a great gift for kids 2 and up (it says 3 and up on the package by my 2 year old plays with it too). I like that it grows with them as they learn. I ask my 2 year old to fish for certain colors and ask my (almost) 4 year old to fish for certain colors and numbers. Then, once they are a little older they can fish by number and add up the points to practice addition.

LeapFrog Creativity Camera

Do your little ones like trying to take pictures with your phone? If so, this is a great gift. The back of the camera opens up and securely holds your iPhone. When the child presses the shutter, it takes a picture. The app that comes along with it makes editing the photos fun and easy for the children. Recommended for ages 3 -6.

Pete the Cat Doll and Books

The Pete the Cat books are my girls favorite series (They are 2 and almost 4). They crack up every time I read them. You can find the doll and book set for about $25, with the hardcover book or you can get just the doll with paperback books for less. There are so many cute books in the series! My girls will be getting the Pete the Cat Christmas book from Santa.

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