This park was mentioned to me on a playdate so it took me forever to reconnect with the person who mentioned it and get the address.  It’s at the end of a residential street and even with two ball field it’s surprisingly quiet. It’s great for a picnic lunch and an hour or so of letting your little ones run around.

Hess Park (Hess Ct., Upper Saddle River):  You’ll see a small driveway at the end of Hess Ct.  (picture below).  Once you pass through the driveway you can park right next to the playground area.  This is small park with two baseballs fields and a playground area.  There is a lot of shade (even on the picnic tables), potties, and a variety of playground activities.  This park is not fenced.

Our experience: We’ve been here at 11am on a Saturday morning when the two baseball fields were occupied and were pleasantly surprised to only share the park with two other children. There was plenty of shade for us to have a picnic lunch and I could even stay seated on the benches as my son played. There are the traditional slides and swings but there are quite a few non-traditional items for the kids to use their imagination to swing or jump on. This is truly a hidden gem and I’m sure we’ll visit this tiny playground often.

See the opening to the park at the end of the street?

Go through this small entrance...

Picnic tables in the shade by lunch time. Potties available.

Toddler play-area. Swings to the left. Also has a tire swing.

Lots of things to creatively climb. Parental spotting needed 🙂

My son loved jumping on this. I even sat on it and he sat on my lap as we bounced together...pregnant belly and all!