This year I did my Black Friday shopping online–no crowds, no lines–and virtually the same as if I was there in person because of all the free shipping deals. Shopping online is great for moms because we avoid the meltdowns, potty breaks and general kid wrangling that normally comes with shopping. Today is Cyber Monday–when retailers try to capture the online market aggressively. There are other sites, though, where you can find deals everyday… This is a fun site that lists one deal at a time. Shipping is a flat rate of $5 for everything. The item is posted every night at midnight (Central time) and runs until it sells out or one day has passed (whichever comes first). Link here. If you like this concept, check out their other sites for wine, techie stuff (regular woot site), shirts, and sellout woot (on Yahoo now). You can see the buttons for these on the right sidebar of kidswoot. 

Engineer A Debt Free Life This site–run by a husband and wife team–truly tries to do just that! Some recent posts: they give us all the info on how to get swagbucks (get paid while you are searching online!), 50 free photo cards, a Zhu Zhu pet giveaway, legitimate paid surveys, etc. Also, they help you navigate This site is updated with coupons to Old Navy weekly that are "hidden" and the best coupon is $75 off $100 purchase. Some people really get into this with chat rooms on how to find the best coupons. I highly recommend you follow them on Twitter or get their email feed. Link here

Baby Cheapskate Updated frequently and easy to read this is a great site to keep up to date on the recent deals for everything kids and baby…like diapers, toy deals on Amazon & Target, stroller/car seat deals, and kids clothing store coupons. Don't miss out! Link here. 

BeCentsAble This site has a blog with recent deals, Hot Christmas deals, great cash back shopping sites, and tips on how to file coupons and a great coupon organizer (left sidebar). Link here. I suggest reading her "Understanding Coupon Acronyms" or print it out as you read this section: Go to "National Store Deals." The best sections are for CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart. Definitely check out CVS (click on "Becentsable Deals" not the links below it). I love getting CVS Extra Care coupons by email or on the bottom of my receipt. I actually use them! Anyway, she gives you detailed scenarios of what to do to save money using coupon circulars (save them by date from your local newspaper), how to earn EC Bucks with your purchases, and links to printable coupons on the spot. I like it that she has products that you regularly buy such as toothpaste,  razors, etc. Here's a link that explains the Extra Care coupon system: Link here

Honorable Mention: Melzie Moms Bargains. Good stuff!

Another great tip I got from a friend: If you take a lot of pregnancy tests and hate shelling out $15 for a test (albeit for two!) you can buy the test strips in bulk from Amazon. This one is only $12.93 for 50 strips:

There's also a combo pack of Ovulation test strips and pregnancy tests if you are trying to get pregnant:

SFO Medical 30 Ovulation Test Plus 10 Pregnancy Test Strips: Two Year Expiry with FREE SHIPPING

Also, Amazon is giving a free month trial of Amazon Prime. I just love this service because you get free shipping and for many items, free 2 day shipping! If you shop online a alot it's great because you get it fast and saves you a trip to the store when shipping is free. Only $79 per year I definitely think it's worth it! 

Amazon Prime FAQ

CREDIT: Thanks to my thrifty friends, Maitai and Elley for tipping me off to these sites/deals! Leave a tip in the comments section of where you go to find deals.