Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as I was invited to tour First Step Preschool and observe a yoga class.

I’m sure you’ve heard that preschools offer classes such as Karate and Art as “extras” after their day is over for additional fees to the parents.  But I learned, First Step Preschool in Franklin Lakes includes these “specials” as part of their program which aligns with the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards – during the school day. This means it’s included in the tuition. Their special classes include, Yoga, Cooking, Science, Spanish, Arts & Crafts, Reading and Music. I thought this was a great benefit to both kids and their parents and wanted to check it out for myself! After taking the tour I realized their slogan, “Come take your first steps with us!” is right in line with the school’s warm, family feel.

Currently, First Step Preschool has classes starting at age two and a half for both part time and full day enrollment. Plus, starting in January they are offering a Mommy & Me program as well.  First Step Preschool is located at 454 Pulis Ave. in Franklin Lakes. You can contact them at (201) 847-8198 or info@firststeppreschoolnj.com.


Onto the tour…


First Step Preschool is easy to find to because it’s on Pulis Ave., right in the middle of Franklin Lakes and it’s attached to the Methodist Church.


This is their typical happy classroom.


Here’s a photo of the children enjoying a Science lesson with their teacher. It really gives you a feel of the family atmosphere of the school and attention the children experience here.


On the day I visited the children took a “field trip” outside where the students were able to choose leaves in which they brought inside to use in a lesson with their teacher.


The students in the three year old classroom were hard at word creating a volcano as part of their practice with the letter V.


Their director, Dr. Eyleen Ortiz is always creating unique ways of bringing in new programs for her students. For example, currently she’s working with the Methodist Church to allow the children to participate in their farming program in which the children will work in the outside garden to produce food which will be donated to those in need via CUMAC of Patterson. I was very impressed with this as it teaches where food comes from, hard work, patience and the experience of giving back to the community.



Now, onto the yoga class. The school brings in a children’s yoga instructor from Yoga Kids. Contact Marsha Silverstein at marshanotmarcia@gmail.com for more information on her classes.

Look at these kids pose!


Using animal poses were a big hit and kept the kids attention.


A final yoga group hug. What a perfect way to say good-bye until next time.



First Step Preschool is located at 454 Pulis Ave. in Franklin Lakes. You can contact them at (201) 847-8198 or info@firststeppreschoolnj.com.