Hello all! We’ve been going to Finch Park in Ramsey for over a year now so we’ve seen it through all of the seasons, morning and afternoon. But the bottom line is we LOVE this park. Here’s our review.

Finch Park (194 Chruch Street, Ramsey, NJ): This park is both a castle and pirate themed playground and is great for children of all ages. It is large with a variety of areas for children to play in/on/slide/climb or run through. You’ll find a three-part train car, multiple climbing areas and smaller slides all which are safe for toddlers.  There are also fields and tennis courts too. A large sandbox with benches (and shade, yay!) where the children can see the “real” train go by is a big plus.  Just be aware that the fence does not wrap around the entire park and there is not a cement path for strollers past the sandbox area.

Our experience: One of the mot unique features of this park is the sandbox (we couldn’t get a picture because there were always kids in it). It’s big, has toys for everyone to play with (and learn to share) and is shaded with benches around the perimiter. Many of the kids take their socks off and have a blast.  The negative aspect of the sandbox is that it’s not fenced in so at some point you’re bound to follow, or in my case chase your little one down the cement path (which leads to the parking lot) or into the playground area.  We loved the large plastic swings which were perfect for my son since he hates to be put into a baby swing and the “hidden” little path behind the toddler train car that leads to a view of the tennis courts. Finally, the picnic tables are in the shade and were a perfect place for a snack break. There always seems to be quite a few people there but it never seems overly crowded even on the weekend mornings or right after school.

Finch Park, Ramsey, NJ


Pirate Ship Area