I was at Finch Park in Ramsey (see our post on Finch Park here) and decided to catch an outdoor lunch date with my little man at Porto Alegre Cafe, Ramsey.  The quality of the food and the European feel (although it’s Brazilian) makes this little cafe a must see.  Plus, it’s now open on Sunday during the Ramsey Farmers’ Market.

Porto Alegre Cafe (19 E. Main St., Ramsey): Fresh Brazilian food with a traditional cafe atmosphere. Check out their website and menu. Open Mon-Thurs. 11-9pm, Fri. & Sat. 11-10pm, Sun. 10-3pm.  Located on Ramsey’s main street (across from the hardware store) you cannot miss this cafe’s red storefront.

Our experience: I first visited this cafe for a quick coffee and snack break with Andrea and just fell in love with the original menu and small cafe atmosphere.  The owner is a local Mom who moved her NYC cafe right here to downtown Ramsey to be closer to her family.  You will not find chicken fingers and french fries on a kiddie menu at this cafe.  If your child is a (dare I say) a “picky eater”  this is a great opportunity for them to try new food. However, my son literally housed everything I handed to him, asking for more!  Sitting outside was a special treat and gave us plenty to talk about during our meal.  The service was quick and the food was fantastic so I can’t wait to hear everyone’s experiences here too.

I parked down this street. Across from the hardware store.


How cute was our table?


Inside view from front door.


If it’s raining you could sit here and still see watch cars go by. Anything to distract, right?


If it’s raining you could sit here and still watch cars go by. Anything to distract, right?


Sorry about the pole in the way! But we talked about the hardware store for a long time. We watched the poeple going in and out and tried to think about what they might be buying and how they’d use it. We counted the grills, hammocks, wheelbarrows etc.


Rice milk! Yum! So hard to find in this area. (“Horchata” on the menu)




He loved the rice milk.


Cheese bread. It looked like a muffin with cheese baked throughout.