Recently, I was wowed by a tour of the new Fairway Market in Woodland Park, NJ on Rt. 46. If you are a foodie you will feel like you are in heaven (I was looking around for the cherubs and harps) as they know how to prepare, present, and sell food that’s just begging to be cooked and eaten. As you enter the store, there are stacks of fresh vegetables and fruit…

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 If that isn’t enough to get your stomach rumbling, there’s more. Now, I’m not normally one to get excited about olive oil. At a restaurant I’d rather have chips and salsa–but their Olive Oil section was amazing. I was happily dipping bread into all the different kinds and found the holy grail for my taste buds: 


It was SO fruity and flavorful…I was in love! And, only around $10 a bottle! Then, we were in the Deli section and sampling Roast Beef, potato pancakes, crabcakes and the most delicious smoked salmon. There was no comparison to the smoked salmon you buy in a package. And, they even have a guy cutting it fresh behind the counter. 


Then, we were right next to the cheese section. I was amazed at the sheer number of varieties (over 600!) that were represented. It could be overwhelming but they had some to sample and a cheese expert on hand to give you great recommendations. 


The signs throughout the store are charming and informative. I especially liked this one that gave a useful guide to cheese:


This is me and my son getting chummy with the cheesemonger…


 The seafood section was as large and impressive as the cheese section…


There is also a wide array of specialty food directly from France. Here is Hannah Howard, Fairway’s blogger and resident foodie showing off the vast selection.


We tried the figs and they were scrumptious. Two thumbs up!


The meat section was a big surprise. Why? There were a ton of butchers doing actual work…out in the open! I’ve never seen that before. Sausage was being made, a carcass was hanging, it was a real meat store and they weren’t trying to hide anything. I think that’s when I realized these people are committed to their food!



The coffee section was the end of our trip but we were blessed by delicious aromas and I was wowed again…this time by their coffee roaster. Yes, coffee is fresh roasted here! The coffee expert is on hand to make you a sample cup so you can try before you buy!

P1020161 P1020160

Another thing I made note of in the Dairy section was their Organic, Grass-Fed Milk. 


In addition to all these specialty sections–which gives you the feeling you are in a European market–there are typical grocery staples like paper goods, soda, vitamins, etc. So, it’s truly a one stop shopping destination (I’m so sick of having to hit 3 different stores to complete my shopping for the week!). 

Finally, there is the Wine and Spirits section…


We finished off our feast for the eyes with a delicious lunch in their cafe. There are tons of options available–from Chinese food, salads, sandwiches, Spanish food, to fresh baked goods. I picked up a cupcake for $1.49 and it was so soft and scrumtious-rivaling any I’ve had in NJ. 

I left and became a convert to Fairway Market…it’s truly “Like No Other Market” as their slogan claims. We are lucky to have this caliber of food store in NJ (there is another location in Paramus, NJ). So, don’t miss out on an awesome experience!

Fairway Market


1510 US 46 West

Woodland Park, NJ

7am to 11pm Daily