Disclosure: We received four complimentary tickets for review purposes. All opinions here are our own. 

Mira and I had the opportunity to see Disney on Ice Frozen on opening night at Izod Center. This was my first Disney on Ice show and I was pleasantly surprised. The show moved along at a great pace for the little ones – and was broken up with a short intermission. The costumes and lighting were beautiful (as expected) and the music was straight from the movie.

Here’s a picture of our big guy excited for the show to start!

Frozen Colt and Me 400

We had pretty good seats. I was happy we were seated facing the stage because the majority of the focus was to the front. Although the side seats are closer the characters did not face the sides often.

Frozen Tickets 400

After posting a few tips about the show on Facebook, we had a question about appearances by other characters. There were other characters but they popped in quickly during the opening act and then it was onto the main show – Frozen! The opening act was a fun introduction to all of the characters – Buzz Light Year and Woody got quite a cheer. The rest of the show was the perfect condensed version of the movie – with all the songs you and your kids love to sing. And, boy did the kids sing! Just imagine an arena full of people (parents and grandparents included) singing “Let It Go.” It was so cute.


1. It’s not cold 🙂 I wasn’t sure if the arena would be chilly so I brought gloves just in case. We definitely did not need them.

2. Food & toys are everywhere: As all arena shows & stadium games – the food will cost you so if you’re not there to enjoy the junk food be sure to eat ahead of time. The kids love to see their light-up swords and snow flakes during the show so one suggestion is to bring along a light up toy too. I gave in and bought my son cotton candy (came with a foam Olaf hat) for $15.

3. Parking was CASH ONLY. We payed $15 although the website said $20 for family shows.

4. Leave early. Coming from the Mahwah area on Rt. 17 – it took about 45 minutes to hit Garden State Plaza (usually a 15 min. drive). Leaving at 5:15 pm got us there about 20 min. early for the show – perfect to find parking, walk in calmly (we know it’s tricky to rush a little one), grab a snack, stop at the bathroom and find our seats.

5. The first two sections facing the “ice stage” are the best seats in the house. We had good seats (see our tickets in the above pic) but if you’re looking for premium seating for your family, I could understand splurging on the first two center sections. The characters skate to the sides of the “ice stage” but rarely face them so if that’s an issue for you, stick with the middle. However, Izod is fairly small so you will enjoy the show from most seats in the arena.