I didn’t realize how fast my son’s hair could grow during the quarantine/hair salon lockdown. For a moment, I thought I was going to have to share my hair ties with him! My neighborhood mom group began comparing whose kid grew the longest locks while trying to decide if any of us were brave enough to bust out the clippers. (I even had a set in my amazon cart!) I decided to hold out and support the local salon that I have taken my son to since his very first haircut. I couldn’t help but think of the stylists, knowing they were eager for the return of their clients (and income!). After researching safety precautions, my son and I set out for Cookie Cutters where we’ve been loyal patrons for about 2 years. It is a brightly colored, child-friendly salon in a strip mall off Beach Boulevard. Here’s what you need to know:

 Health Precautions: All stylists and employees wear masks and the salon was clean.  Clients are also asked to wear masks and a bottle of hand sanitizer was located at the front desk.   
 Hours: They are open everyday. Hours are Monday-Friday 10AM – 7PM, Saturday 9AM – 5PM, and Sunday 12PM – 5PM.  
 Appointments: Reservations are now required; they no longer take walk-ins. 
 Activities: There is a small play area with a kids slide, in the event you need to wait a few minutes before your appointment. When your stylist calls your child’s name, it’s decision time and the fun begins! 
 The Process:
o Your child gets to pick their seat, designed to resemble a fantasy car, airplane, spiderman, barbie, a newly added batman, and more. Pro Tip: start looking over the vessels right away as this is always a lengthy decision for my son. (Thank goodness for those patient stylists!)
o Big decision number two: your child gets to pick what they want to watch on the individual television. We don’t allow much screen time at home so my son took his time with this choice, too. This was a much needed and welcomed distraction, especially as the stylist buzzed her way around his ears.  

o They have several packages, but the most popular is the kid’s cut for $17.95. (This does not include shampoo.)
o They also offer braiding, hair styling, and a Baby’s First Haircut package, which includes a photo, certificate, and lock of hair for $21.95. Pro Tip: Take advantage of their prepaid card to save money! Instead of the $17.95 kid’s cut, you can pre-purchase 5 cuts for $70, amounting to a $20 discount or essentially, one free haircut. Woohoo! Just ask for the card when you get to the salon. 
 Stylist Recommendation: Though we’ve never had a bad experience with any of their staff, we do have our favorite stylist! Email me (jodiplaygroundtalkjax@gmail.com) if you want her name! She is very sweet, patient, and takes her time. 
 The Grand Finale: Wait for it…more decisions! Your child gets to pick out a balloon in the color of their choice and a lollipop! I’ll never get tired of seeing how happy these seemingly small gestures mean to kids. It’s certainly a big deal in this house. (As a dietitian, I resisted the candy for quite some time, but that’s a story for another time!)

We’ve had a great experience both pre and post COVID at Cookie Cutters. Their friendly customer service and kid-friendly perks turns a mundane errand into an adventure for our boys. Now that their manes are properly managed, it’s about time this momma gets to her own salon!