We’ve had some bone-chilling cold days this past month. It’s
time to kill the chill with some indoor water park fun!

Coco Key was nice enough to comp me some tickets for a day.
They are located in Mt. Laurel, NJ, about an hour and 40 minutes away from me
in South Jersey. From the outside, it looks like a typical business hotel
(Marriott). You enter the water park at a separate entrance behind the hotel.

Dump Bucket-1 

I recommend your hubby let you off at the door without your
coats if possible. They take up a lot of room in your locker, which are deep
but not full size vertical ones. They cost $5. Don’t forget your swim diapers,
either. To buy one will cost you $3.

The lobby was a bit drab looking—with dark colors and dim
lighting. Downstairs are the locker rooms and they were white and decent (could
have been a little cleaner smelling, though!). You’re only there a few minutes
to change so only a minor complaint. There’s a cool way to open your locker—a
sensor on your wristband opens a locker for you. No fussy keys to deal with and
carry around!

Once you get in, your kids will be running around and
splashing like little fishies. There is a huge structure called Parrot’s Perch
that is similar to the water play structure at Sesame Place. This one was a lot
less intimidating, though, with two twisty slides on one side (easy enough for
4yr olds), and two straight slides on another side. There is a big bucket that
dumps 300 gallons of water every 10 minutes. There are plenty of other fun
water guns, sprays, etc. all over the structure.

Behind the Perch is the Lazy River. It’s basically one long
oval that you circle around on an inner tube. It’s not very long, but suitable
for all ages.

To the left of the Perch are the three large water slides,
Barracuda Blast, Pelican Plunge and Shark’s Slam. They are around 250-350 feet
tall and give you a nice, curvy ride. They have one that is completely dark and
another that is lighted. Two use inner tubes while one is just for you.
Definitely for the older kids who don’t mind butterflies in the stomach!

On this side is also Palm Grotto indoor/outdoor jacuzzi. We
discovered this late but my husband really enjoyed the sensation of being
outdoors in the cold while enjoying the heat of the Jacuzzi. Next to this is a
little activity for the kids where they walk across large lily pads while
grabbing onto rope monkey bars.

Most of the time, though, we were on the other side of
Parrot’s Perch on the second level “dip-in” movie theater. Two slides come out
of a pirate’s ship that was playing Madagascar the day we were there. The 1ft.
deep water was the real draw here. My 2yr old could safely wade around while my
4yr old could practice swimming underwater. It wasn’t crowded (on a Sunday)
even though there was a birthday party in the back area. Parents can lounge on
the beach chairs surrounding as one to two lifeguards patrolled the area.

New Picture 

Since I didn’t go in the water I was definitely stuffy in
the 84 degrees that they keep the interior at all times. I would have been more
comfortable in a T-Shirt and shorts. There were overhead fans that circulated
the air, though. My daughter loved the water and stayed in for almost 4 hours.
So, definitely bring a magazine or book! I wish they had wifi so we could do
some internet surfing while waiting.

Below this level is a basketball play area in a grove that
had mainly older kids. Life vests are available for free—which is a nice touch!
There is a bar area that serves cocktails so you can really feel like you are
on vacation. The only food was Pizza Hut Express and A&W. The prices
weren’t so bad–$9 for a pepperoni combo that includes drink and a side. I
didn’t get to taste the food but the ice cream cones were a big hit with the

There is also an arcade outside the glass doors on the
second floor. Another tip, if you are on the second floor and need to use the
bathroom, there are ones past the lobby on the second floor. These are nice and
clean. No need to go back downstairs to the locker rooms.

As for the water temperature—it was a bit cold in the
Parrot’s Perch area but the upstairs movie area was warmer. The water didn’t
seem over-chlorinated either. Supposedly all 150,000 gallons of water go
through the park’s huge filtration system that operates all the time.

Day passes cost $32 on the weekend (Fri-Sun.) for everyone
over 2yrs. You also have to bring your own towels. If you’re interested in
throwing a birthday party here, check with the front desk for pricing. Be sure
to bring your flip flops and a bag or basin for your wet clothes/towels.

The best part was no need to slather on sunscreen! I didn’t
realize how stressful that is in the summer. I would recommend this as a nice
day trip or even overnight trip to enjoy some balmy indoor fun without the sun! 

(I didn’t get to check out the rooms, but you can always check out the reviews online…like here at tripadvisor.)