So many express love through food and Valentine’s Day is no exception! In combination with this hallmark-holiday, I wanted to continue my celebration of community businesses by exploring a local bakery!

I was lucky enough to meet Isabel Perdomo a few short weeks ago when I was looking for cookies for my son’s birthday. She is a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) of two beautiful little girls and is known by most by her middle name, Vanessa or The Cookie Lady. She and her family moved to Jacksonville from New York about six months ago, and while she misses the snow (not sure my northern family would agree after last week’s 3 foot storm!) she really loves it here! She always knew she wanted to be a SAHM, but her passion for cooking and baking fueled her to begin her home baking business, Bleusweets.

While now famous for Vanessa’s cookies, Bleusweets started out making cakes. (Check out her IG page for pictures!) She decided to give cookies a whirl and fell in love with the process. Vanessa’s husband supported her dream and together they developed a name and logo, and one day he surprised her with business cards. Since the beginning of her journey, he has been her biggest supporter, showering her with endless encouragement and unique cookie cutters.

Isabel is a self-taught cookier! Everything you see in and on her cookies, she learned through the world’s greatest teacher: trial and error. She earned an Associate’s Degree in hospitality and tourism management, where she learned the basics of baking and extensive food safety practices. It was through this process that she became ServSafe certified by the National Restaurant Association.

Bleusweets will be celebrating their two-year anniversary this month. Currently, orders are being taken via an online custom form, where you can select quantity and size of cookies. (2-inch minis and 3-4 inch regular.) Look for new packaging and recipes coming soon!

My family was lucky enough to taste and see her work through an order of dinosaur cookies!  I was impressed by the detail and her ability to include my son’s age and name, all within the theme. The cookies were BIG and, in my opinion, perfect for sharing. They were moist, not overly sweet, and
received thumbs up from all the boys in my house.