Recently, we checked out a new Korean restaurant in Fort Lee called BCD Tofu House. It’s located in the same strip mall which used to hold Border’s Bookstore and Blockbuster. I hope this restaurant doesn’t have the same fate as those businesses. But, based on the busy Friday night crowd, I think that’s unlikely. For one thing, it has delicious food. And another feature that is unique to Korean restaurants is the kids play room–which is bright and cheery. 

Not many Korean restaurants try to be family friendly, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the playroom wasn’t an afterthought. There is a climbing wall and a train table. The restaurant itself is also nicely decorated and modern. We were gleeful that we found a place where we could eat in peace while the kids could burn some energy nearby. It was almost like a date night!

The specialty dish here is Soon Tofu soup (or, as Koreans know it: soon doboo) which can have various ingredients–you pick whether you want beef, seafood, etc. I tend to always get the seafood one. I could tell that the seafood was good quality and a nice variety. 

They use organic tofu here so the price is a bit more expensive than other tofu places–around $12/soup. But, I think it’s worth it. I usually feel a bit sick after eating tofu soup–maybe it’s lard or MSG that’s used–but after eating here I could tell they try to keep the soup as pure as possible. 

You can also specify the level of spiciness of the soup. If you can’t handle spice I would recommend the mild level. It’s safe enough for kids to eat. Usually if you get mild tofu soup at other places it is really bland–but here it was still tasty!

They also have Korean meats like bulgogi and kalbi. Or, if you’re less adventurous, chicken teriyaki. Check it out!

BCD Tofu House

1640 Schlosser Street

Fort Lee, NJ

10:30am to 10:30pm