As a grandparent, I’m always looking for a fun activity to do with my grandchildren. So when I received the panicked call from my daughter, “Mom, can you watch the kids Saturday I have to work” ?! I knew immediately what I would do with them.

Bambaballoon has just joined the Allendale Farmers’ Market. After we shopped for our veggies, the children ate potatoes on a stick from Tornato Potato and sampled  hummus and jams we walked over to visit Mr. David Lima the ‘balloon twister’. Yep, that’s what he calls himself a balloon twister and boy can he twist!

Animal balloons have long been a favorite of children (and adults). When my daughter, who is now 36, was my grandaughter’s age, I had a balloon ‘twister’ at her birthday parties several times. The kids loved it then & they love it now.

My grandaughter is 4 & my grandson is 6 years old; they were both delighted in not only the finished product (Hello Kitty for her & Darth Vader for him) but also by the show Mr. Lima puts on while he twists the balloons into different shapes. Last week when I was at the Market Mr. Lima had a line of children waiting for balloons. The best part is that it’s free! He has a tip jar out & most people put a few dollars in the jar but his main objective is to promote himself, he does parties & events in the local Bergen County area. Watch him in action on YouTube or like his Facebook page.

So, whether you are 6 or 60 you should visit ” Bambaballoon” the balloon twister at the Allendale Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm now though November 16th.
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