The Arete Music Academy holds music classes for kids of all ages in Englewood Cliffs. They offer private lessons, group lessons, a conservatory program, early children music programs and much, much more!

Arete Music Academy
120 Van Nostrand Ave.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ
(201) 205-1121

Now onto our review.


When I visited the academy, one of the first things I noticed was the friendly atmosphere. The director, Li-Ling Wang, told me that one thing they strive to do is be on a personal level with every student and their parents. They want the students to be comfortable with the teachers, and they want feedback from the parents in order to improve the lessons. It is also extremely important to the director that their teachers are of the highest caliber. Ms. Wang attended the Julliard School and thus has very high expectations of the teachers.

Below is a picture of the classroom for large lessons.  I really liked that it was a colorful and happy the room, with plenty of space for the students to sit.

IMAG0070 edit

Here is one of the typical classrooms for individual instruction. I sat in on an individual lesson in this room and noticed that although there were lessons going on throughout the school,  I didn’t hear any distracting outside noise.  There was also a waiting area for parents located outside all of the classroom with benches and even desks for a sibling to work on homework or draw a picture while their brother or sister completes their lesson..

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They offer Early Childhood Music Programs for students as young as two years old. The classes are only in session during the school year, but private lessons are available over the summer.  Aside from classes, the academy also offers a mini-camp over the summer for students who are interested in singing. This summer’s theme is currently songs from Frozen and The Sound of Music.


While visiting, I had the opportunity to sit in on a piano class.  The teacher was very friendly and had the amazing ability to keep these energetic young kids focused and interested in learning about the piano.

As the class began, we all sat on the floor and the teacher had the kids sing Do-Re-Mi’s and clap to a beat along with her as a warm up. The kids were really excited to be singing and clapping with her and were having a lot of fun.

IMAG0077 edit

After warming up, the teacher had the students  sit at their keyboards. She went over material that she had previously taught them and asked them to find and play specific notes. Something that really impressed me was how much control the teacher had of the class. She let the kids play notes and if they ever began to get too excited with their playing she would tell them to freeze or put their hands up and they stopped and listened to her (pictured below). This was perfect for getting the kids to focus back on learning the music.

IMAG0082 edit

Next, she gave them sheet music for the song “Ode to Joy,” something they had never played before as it was not in their music books they used for practice. She asked them to find certain groups of notes and circle them in different colored crayons in order to recognize and remember the notes.

IMAG0087 edit

IMAG0085 edit

I felt this class was such a great way to introduce piano to young children. The instructor made the class fun, yet had complete control – making it an effective way to teach the lessons. Plus, given the wide range of programs, camps, and instruction sizes, Arete Music Academy is a great place to begin child’s love for music and nurture their growth.

To register for classes at the Arete Music Academy, click here. And here is their Facebook Page. Classes fill up very quickly, so applying as early as possible. The academy even offers trial classes so parents and students can decide if they wish to continue having lessons.

Arete Music Academy
120 Van Nostrand Ave
Englewood Cliffs, NJ
(201) 205-1121