I recently read a cover story in 201 Magazine about these local NJ women who started a web site called www.myworkbutterfly.com. I contacted co-founder Bradi Nathan to see if she would do an interview with me and she responded right away. The more I learned about the company the more impressed I was at how much they've accomplished and by the potential this site has to improve so many women's lives. We especially need this boost now with the economy struggling to rebound. I hope you will join with me and help make it a vibrant community of shared passions and mutual support!

Bradi Nathan is a mother to Jack and Drew, ages, 9
and 6. Before
having children, she was the Advertising Manager at Marie Claire magazine in
NYC. Prior to Marie Claire, Bradi worked at Town & Country magazine as the
Beauty Advertising Director.

Terry Starr is a mother to Danielle and Hunter,
ages 13 and 9 and is the co-founder of MyWorkButterfly.com. Terry's full-time
career in the Recruitment Marketing field spans 29 years, including 5 years at

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should join MyWorkButterfly?

of all ages should look to MyWorkButterfly.com for advice support and
solutions.  Women who are headed
back to work
, as a result of the economy or to gain a sense of independence and
self, should most definitely join to gain the resources in career coaching and
resume writing and job opportunities to ensure they succeed.  Working mothers who would like advice
on work/life, resources for childcare, finance, psychotherapy, parenting,
relationships, travel, health, fitness, beauty, fashion….

do you sign up? What do you suggest is the first thing new members should do on
the site?

click on the SIGN UP tab in the upper right hand corner of the site and follow
the prompts. We encourage all members to “Tell us a bit about your self.”  This enables us to pull out sections of
the site that will immediately meet your needs and interests.

inspired you to start MyWorkButterfly?

years of conversations with hundreds of smart and savvy mothers spawned the
need for an on-line community such as this. 

you once a “butterfly”? What was that experience like?

mothers, we are all Butterflies… constantly in motion.  Trying to squeeze the most out every
day with the one life that we’ve been given.  We are constantly evolving, growing, and learning… life is
too short to remain in that cocoon.
[I love that description!]

are you working on right now for the site?

are proud to say that we are finalizing our partnership with
Go Red, The
American Heart Association.  Go Red
helps to create awareness and prevent Heart Disease in Women– unfortunately the
number one killer.  MyWorkButterfly
will sponsor and participate in a number of Go Red’s upcoming events (SuperMoms
Roundtable) over the course of the next year.

the woman whose husband just got laid off or who has to return to work…what’s
your best advice for her?

some of the many groups to connect and network with like women. Heed their
advice and the advice of MyWorkButterfly’s resident Career Coach, Julie Cohen.
Julie is an expert in guiding women towards an appropriate career path and can
be accessed on the left column of the home page 24/7.  
[Wow! what a great free resource!] Our national job search board should be the next stop!  There are over 10,000 job opportunities
that can be searched by market or discipline. 

has the economic crisis affected your site? More visitors? Different content?

economic climate proves that today, MyWorkButterfly is more relevant than
ever.  We originally launched with
jobs that may have fit the descriptions such as “flex” or “part-time” but,
given the economy, we have now “opened” up the board to capture as many
opportunities as possible. We have been told by some members that it’s a matter
of survival… so who are we to put limitations on what job someone might choose.
[Bravo! It's great that you adapt to the women's needs]

long have you lived in NJ and do you consider yourself a Jersey Girl?

grew up in New Rochelle and I grew up in North Jersey.  Am I a Jersey Girl? If being a strong
and independent woman is the definition of a Jersey Girl than, hell yeah,
that’s me!
[Amen to that!]

are your favorites in NJ? (shops, restaurants, locales, etc.)

Cucina in Millburn… LOVE!

you see any companies that are changing their policies to better accommodate
working women’s needs?

Buy is a stand out.

kinds of improvements would you like to see on a national level to help improve
work/life balance for women?

Childcare facilities would be a great start! [
that would be great if working women could pop in and check on their kids during their lunch break!]

features to the web site can we expect in the future?

access to celebrity mom video footage, exciting contest and giveaways, coupons,
webinars and live chats with our experts.

big on getting feedback (especially before the site launched). What kind of
feedback do you want now? What’s the best way to do it?

we encourage all and any feedback. 
Without it we would not be able to meet the needs of the community.
or visit our profile pages on myworkbutterfly.com and write on our wall.

is your ultimate goal for MyWorkButterfly? How many members do you have now?
How many would you like?

Our goal is to empower as many mothers as possible
and to become a household name.  We
have nearly 3,000 members in 6 short months with 70,000 page view per month.
[I'm sure that goal will be met sooner than later!]

(Note: all the green highlighted above were my comments.)

Thank you, Bradi and Terri for sharing your time with me and for making the working world a little less intimidating for the beautiful butterflies out there…just waiting to break free.