Jodi Ervin

I’m so excited to be your host here at Playgroundtalk Jax and share all things local with you. Reach me at or click here to view our advertising packages and work with me.

A little about me… I am a pediatric dietitian and have spent my career in two wonderful children’s hospitals; Wolfson Children’s Hospital and St Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, an hour south of where I grew up.

I’m not the “Pinterest mom”, I’m not super creative, and I’m not very good at imaginative play! (How many hours upon hours can my 3-year-old play with these dinosaurs?) But when it comes to snuggles, dance parties, and outside exploration, now that’s where this momma shines!

When our youngest was born and we made the decision that I would stay home I quickly learned that the hints and tricks from other moms was the way I was going to get through the day.

Playgroundtalk Jax is my way to share places to go, classes to experiences, and all things local with you all.

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Lauren Seise

A New Jersey native and mother of two young sons, Lauren created Playgroundtalk from “walking the talk” herself, after finding that some of the best parenting advice and hot tips as to what to do locally were often learned as parents chatted on the playground.

“I can remember being at the park with my toddler, talking amongst other moms,” shared Lauren. “And thinking – ‘this is where it all happens – this is how good, relevant information is exchanged’ and how can I share this info with others?”

From there, she realized some of the best and most trusted resources for information is passed verbally from one parent to the other – and Playgroundtalk was born!

A note from Lauren: “I truly hope we can all use Playgroundtalk as a place to learn, share and grow together. I couldn’t run this site without your support so thanks for stopping by. You’ll like it here – it’s a happy place!”

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