About Chief “Tawkers” – Lauren & Mira

Meet Lauren Seise and Mira Park, Creators and Publishers of Playground Talk – and “Chief Tawkers.” Our roles tend to overlap but generally Lauren handles all things “Business” and Mira handles all things “Content” so feel free to contact us individually or together – lauren AT playgroundtalk DOT com and miraspark AT gmail DOT com.


Lauren Seise

A native of Bergen County and mother of two young sons, Lauren created Playground Talk from “walking the talk” herself, after finding that some of the best parenting advice and hot tips as to what to do locally with a young child were often learned as parents chatted on the playground.

“I can remember being at Lion’s Park in Upper Saddle River when my oldest son was a young toddler, talking amongst other moms,” shared Lauren. “And thinking – ‘this is where it all happens – this is how good, relevant information is exchanged’ and how can I share this info with others?”

From there, she realized some of the best and most trusted resources for information is passed verbally from one parent to the other – and Playground Talk was born!

A note from Lauren: “I truly hope we can all use Playground Talk as a place to learn, share and grow together. I couldn’t run this site without your support so thanks for stopping by. You’ll like it here – it’s a happy place!”


Mira Park

Who are you and what do you write about? Wife and mother of three kids. I love to write about local events, fun places to take the kids, and party planning.

What do you write about? My main interests are travel, party planning, frugal living, and food. I aim to have local North Jersey content as well as content that appeals to any parent in the US.

What is your background? Born and raised on the Jersey Shore I now reside in North Jersey. Previously, I worked for 11 years in book publishing in NYC.

When did you start blogging? I launched MiraBest.com in July 2009 and partnered with Playground Talk in January 2014.

Why did you start this blog? For parents, whether SAHMs, working moms or dads…time is of the essence! I hope to save you time, allow you to spend more time with your kids, and give you all the nitty gritty details.