Musical Munchkins – Baby Class (Review)

A 2nd post from our friend Dana. If anyone has a music class they can recommend please comment and let us all know.

If your child likes music then I have the class for you!  After a recommendation from a good friend, I signed “the drama queen” up for Musical Munchkins.  It is a music based class with so much stimulation for children, I don’t see how a child wouldn’t like this 45 minute music class.



Musical Munchkins (Ridgewood & Paramus):  This class is a great way to nurture your child’s sensory development and love for music and rhythm.  The youngest group is the babies (6-13 months) and goes up to 3 & 4 year olds.  Most of the classes are with parent participation but the 3 and 4 year old classes have parents sit on the side to promote independence.  Each class has an age-specific program to keep kids interested and stimulated.  When you sign up you get a CD with the songs that are used in class.

The website is easy to navigate and has the class schedules for the 2012 winter, spring and summer as well as the cost to join. Click HERE to see a video and pictures of the children in action.

Our experience:  To say that “the drama queen” enjoys this class is an understatement!  I can only talk about the baby class but I know others who speak highly about the older classes.  For starters, there really isn’t a minute that the children ever get bored.  From the second the 45 minute class starts, Johanne (our instructor) starts playing her guitar and singing.  The songs keep coming but the coolest part is that the children are always in the middle of the circle playing with mini-shakers or mini-drums.  There is always toy instruments out that they can manipulate and try playing along with the beat of the music.  Coming from a mother of a daughter who never sits still, this class is a godsend!!!  The children are never required to sit on your lap…they are very active throughout the whole class.  We also do songs while walking around the room, sitting in chairs and putting the children in mini-hampers while singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat…etc.  Johanne also brings out puppets and scarfs that we play peek-a-boo with as well as building blocks we sing songs to while manipulating.

I have never been to a Music For Advarks class before but just from hearing about it and checking out their website, I can already see that the great difference about Musical Munchkins is that the classes are grouped by age group. Music for Advarks has all mixed age classes and only 1 baby class.  Just from experiencing Musical Munchkins, I can tell you that it is totally geared towards the age group you sign up for.

An important note about Musical Munchkins is that all the materials used in class are cleaned after they are used. The creativity the program offers is amazing and there are so many great songs I have learned and continue to sing to “the drama queen”….she now recognizes them when she hears them!  This class is definitely worth checking out….five stars for creativity and tons of fun!

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  1. Love love love musical munchkins! My daughter was enrolled from age 20 months old unil she was almost 4. It was so much fun sometimes i wasnt sure which one of us was enjoying it more! I can’t wait to enroll my 19 month old next session. Its by far the best music program for young children in the area. We tried classes with a few other places before discovering musical munchkins and they pale in comparison. I would highly recomend their clases for any age!

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