A Love for Learning: Enrichment Class Review

Recently, the kids and I had a chance to check out a new enrichment class from Jillian Saldana of A LOVE FOR LEARNING She is a certified teacher in the state of New Jersey and has a Master’s Degree in Education K-8.  She is currently pursuing a certifcate in reading and literacy at Fairleigh Dickinson University and tutors as well.  Her passion for teaching led her down the path of helping students outside of the classroom.

I’ve been to many such classes, but this one really stood out among them all. The diversity of activities she offers is really unique and it seemed more than just a “science” class as she brought in so many different learning elements to the action packed hour!

First, Jillian read the children a book about the topic of the day. The class topic was CONSTELLATIONS so the children listened to a book that introduced concepts like galaxies and types of constellations.


Then, the kids painted paper towel rolls with black paint to be used in a project later in the class. Afterwards, they put star stickers on black construction paper in their own constellation forms. I liked that the kids had this time to explore the concept in their own way.

LFL collage2

Next, one of the highlights of the class was making play dough from scratch. Yeah, one of those things you see on Pinterest or on crafty mom blogger sites! The kids loved being able to put the ingredients into the warm water and stirring it all together. Then, drops of black food coloring were added to make it the color of a night sky.

LFL 3 collage

The play dough was used as mini black skies that the kids turned into balls and rolled in silver glitter to make mini universes. The next part of the class was probably the most popular. Something that can top homemade play dough you ask?

The children got to make their own mini-galaxies! Jillian took glow sticks and broke them into jars of water. Then, sprinkle in some “stars” in the form of glitter and, TA-DA! You have a little galaxy! The kids were entranced…



This photo is the end of the class when the kids were able to roll their play dough in the glitter:

LFL pic

Oh, I almost forgot–remember those paper towel holders they painted black in the beginning? They put paper that they punctured “stars” into on the ends so that they could use them as viewfinders:

LFL pic2

Jillian is a patient and enthusiastic teacher. I really felt like the kids learned new vocabulary words and that the teaching points were experienced in a tactile way. Even though we covered a lot of activities; it never felt rushed.

These themes are also great party ideas (call her for more details on that)! We can’t wait for the VOLCANO theme science class in June.

Note: all classes take place at Kidz Musik at 260 Grand Avenue, Englewood, NJ & Superdome in Waldwick.

For a complete description of her classes, check out her website at: ALoveforLearning.com And, if you have any questions, feel free to email her at:[email protected], or call (201) 566-7563.

Note: A Love for Learning is a paid member of our Vendor Network however all opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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